About the SERL Program

SERL provides a rich curriculum and certificate program focusing on energy, environmental and natural resource law and policy. SERL professorial fellows endeavor to advance our understanding of complex issues in the field.

SERL serves the public interest through education and research in energy, natural resources and environmental law and policy. Legal and policy choices have far reaching public health and economic consequences in today's world. While each of these areas has independent significance and importance, SERL's primary focus is the nexus between energy and natural resources on one hand and the environment on the other. Accordingly, SERL is especially concerned with promoting laws and policies that promote energy reliability, sustainable supplies of natural resources, and a healthy environment.

SERL has three principal objectives:

  1. To offer comprehensive training in the fields of energy, environmental, and natural resources law.
  2. To produce nationally and internationally recognized scholarship and research that contributes to the public policy debate.
  3. To facilitate communication among the many individuals, companies, organizations, and public bodies interested in energy, environmental, and natural resources, with the expectation that such communication will lead to more enlightened national and international laws and policies.

SERL's objectives are accomplished through a variety of methods, including:

  • An advanced curriculum in Energy and Environmental Law
  • SERL Policy Reviews
  • The Energy Law Journal
  • ABA Section on Environment, Energy and Resources Year in Review
  • SERL scholarship and research
  • The SERL Board of Visitors 
  • Student-related activities
  • Public policy conferences and seminars
  • Public speaking and community outreach