Funding an LLM

Many international students find the cost of graduate legal education at The University of Tulsa College of Law to be significantly less than at other universities, public and private, in larger metropolitan areas.  With a tuition rate in 2014-15 of $28,840, the cost of education at TU Law is quite reasonable, particularly given the quality of education, low faculty to student ratio and opportunities available to students.  In addition, the cost of living in Tulsa is likewise much less than elsewhere in the United States.  US government immigration regulations require that all international students submit a Confirmation of Financial Resources (CFR) form verifying financial resources to undergo study at an American university.  Including tuition, living and other costs for an LLM year, admitted students should estimate approximately $45,000 in total costs at TU Law.


Available Scholarships

Full-time applicants to the LLM in Native American and Indigenous Law are eligible to apply for the college's endowed Utsey Family Scholarship.  Please contact the Director of LLM Programs for more information at


Admitted TU Law students in the LLM in Energy and Natural Resources Law are eligible to apply for scholarships which are usually announced in January and due in April or May of each year:

Third Party Funding Opportunities

  • EducationUSA : Based in countries around the globe, this is an excellent place to start looking for funding options for an LLM.  It is a division of the US State Department, and almost every country in the world has an EducationUSA Center.  The staff of these offices provide US-bound foreign students with information about home-country funding opportunities, as well as living expense grants and other opportunities.
  • Employers: law firms, companies, government agencies, universities
  • Government & private scholarships: offers two small scholarships to LLM students, Fulbright, Open Society Institute, Ford Foundation, Rotary International, Edward S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship, AMIDEAST, Inter-American Foundation, PEO, International Peace Scholarships, American Association of University Women Scholarships, Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship
  • Private lenders: Global Student Loan Corporation, International Student Loan Program, Sallie Mae. Please note that TU Law does not endorse any particular loan organization.
  • Latin American students should explore the OAS Rowe Fund for interest free loan options.

For More Information On Funding Sources

  • Institute for International Education (IIE) publishes "Funding for US Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals," among other information on scholarships and fellowships available to non-US students at its website
  • The website offers a list of potential funding sources
  • International Legal Exchange Program (ILEP) an American Bar Association (ABA)-run program for international students interested in internships at US law firms
  • If you are unsure about whether your US legal status will permit you to obtain financial aid or support, please read more information here.