LLM Curriculum

To earn the LLM Degree in American Law students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of courses and achieve a minimum culmulative grade point average of 2.0. 

Three Required Courses:
Introduction to United States Law (2 credit hours)
Legal Research & Writing for Foreign Students (2 credit hours)
Administrative Law (3 credit hours) or Civil Procedure (3 credit hours), depending on student's area of interest

Students are able to concentrate on energy, natural resources and environmental law through a balance of their elective course work

  • Energy, Regulatory

Basic Oil & Gas Law (3 credit hours; fall)
Advanced Oil & Gas (3 credit hours; spring) 
International Energy & Natural Resources Law (3 credit hours; fall)
Regulated Industries (3 credit hours; fall)

  • Environmental and Natural Resources 

Environmental Law (3 credit hours; fall) 
International Environmental Law (3 credit hours; spring)
Land Use Controls (2 credit hours; spring) 
Native American Natural Resources Law (3 credit hours; spring)
Natural Resources & Environmental Law on Federal Lands (3 credit hours; fall)
Water Law (3 credit hours; fall)
Climate Change (3 credit hours; spring)

Other Electives*:

LLM Independent Study Project (2 credit hours)
Climate Change Law Seminar (3 credit hours)
International Business Transactions (3 credit hours)
International Law (3 credit hours)
Civil Procedure I (3 credit hours)
State Administrative Law
Constitutional Law I (3 credit hours)
Contracts (4 credit hours)
Professional Responsibility (3 credit hours)

  • Other TU Colleges (Business, Engineering) Curriculum

Practical Issues in Energy Management (EMGT 2013, 3 credit hours)
Oil, Gas & Environmental Law (BL/EMGT 3013, 3 credit hours)
Fundamentals of Energy Commodity Trading (EMGT 4013, 3 credit hours)
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Applications (PE 1011, 3 credit hours)
International Petroleum Contracts (3 credit hours)
Oil in Economics & Foreign Policy History (BUS 4973, 3 credit hours)
Global Energy Decisions (IB 4973, 3 credit hours)

*depending on availability