Faculty and Staff


Gary Allison, SERL Director
Jason B. Aamodt, MJEL Director
J. Diana Hall
Keith F. Sellers 


Kate Barron Alicante, Director, LLMs and Global Legal Education
Maggie den Harder, MJEL Coordinator

SERL Fellows

Enhancing interdisciplinary efforts and pooling talent aross The University of Tulsa, the SERL Fellows include a number of prominent members of the faculty from other disciplines:

College of Arts & Sciences
T. Jean Blocker
Janet A. Haggerty
Thomas A. Horne
Estelle Levetin
Harrington Wells

College of Engineering
William T. Potter
Kerry L. Sublette

College of Law
Gary Allison
Robert A. Butkin
Marla E. Mansfield
Judith V. Royster
Rex J. Zedalis