SERL Board of Visitors

The Sustainable Energy and Resource Law Board of Visitors is comprised of energy, environmental and natural resources professionals in the midst of prestigious careers.

Energy Law (Oil & Gas, Electric Power, Renewable Energy)

Private Practice

Pamela Anderson (JD '85)
, Shareholder, Hall Estill See full bio

Brendan Cook (JD '81), Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP, Houston, Texas 
See full bio

Jim Roth, Director and Chair of Clean Energy Practice Group,
Phillips, Murrah, PC See full bio

Thomas Schroedter (JD '79), Shareholder, Hall Estill See full bio

John Williams (JD '92), Partner, Connor & Winters LLP See full bio


Government Practice

Laurence Yadon
, General Counsel of a major federal power agency
See full bio/blog


Corporate Practice

Angie Beehler (JD '94)
, Senior Director, Energy Regulation/Legislation;
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. See full bio

Curtis Craig (JD '80), Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Explorer Pipeline Company See full bio

Curtis Frasier (JD '82), Former Executive Vice President, General Counsel; Shell Oil Company in the US, Royal Dutch Shell Upstream Business in Americas See full bio

Henry Hood , Former General Counsel & Senior Vice President - Land, Chesapeake Energy See full bio

Kirk Moore (JD '81), Associate General Counsel, Noble Energy, Inc. See full bio

Stuart Solomon, President, Chief Operating Officer; AEP-Public Service Company of Oklahoma See full bio


Environmental Law

Private Practice

David Page (JD '81)
, Of Counsel, Leach & Sulllivan, LLP See full bio


Corporate Practice

Elizabeth Joyner (JD '92)
, Senior Counsel, Upstream Environmental & Safety, Environmental & Safety Law Group, Chevron Services Company See full bio

Non-Profit Advocacy

Kelly Hunter Foster (JD '96)
, Senior Counsel, WaterKeeper Alliance; Former head of Environmental Division, Oklahoma Attorney General Office See full bio

Natural Resources (Water, Public Lands)

Private Practice

Kevin Patrick (JD '78)
, Founding Shareholder; WaterLaw:  Patrick, Miller, Kropf See full bio


Government Practice

Charles Babst, Jr. (JD '91)
, Attorney-Advisor with a major federal natural resources management agency