Contact a Student Ambassador

The Office of Admissions encourages prospective students to take advantage of The University of Tulsa College of Law Student Ambassador Program. This program will assist in providing prospective applicants more information about TU College of Law.

The decision to go to law school can be stressful at best, and we recognize that you have many questions. We believe that an effective way to respond to your questions is to put you in touch with some TU College of Law students who have recently walked in your shoes.

Our ambassadors, who were selected by the faculty and administration, are student leaders in every aspect of law school life. They are a diversified group from all over the country. Some are married; others are single. Some have children; others do not. Some have come to law school straight from college, while others are non-traditional. Their legal interests range from an interest in public policy to international law to corporate law. Some are pursuing a joint degree. Given their broad range of experiences and backgrounds, they can answer almost any question you have about law school. 

Student Ambassador