Dear prospective and current law students,
If you are reading this page, perhaps you seek to gather information about TU’s commitment to provide equal opportunities and services to all students of the university. Speaking as a “differently-abled” individual, a law graduate and current employee of TU College of Law, I appreciate your concerns. Below is some information that the TU College of Law Diversity Committee has prepared for your convenience. We hope this information will be helpful to you as you as you plan your visit to our law school or as you begin your legal education at TU.
April M. Fox
Former Chair, TU College of Law Diversity Committee


The University of Tulsa operates the Center for Student Academic Support (CSAS) that offers a comprehensive range of academic support services and accommodations for students with disabilities. All prospective students and newly admitted students are encouraged to contact CSAS to discuss their individual needs.

To learn more about the services and accommodations available at TU, please visit the Academic Support page. You may also contact center representatives at 918.631.2315.


The University of Tulsa offers on-campus accessible apartment accommodations for students with physical challenges. Students who are interested in an accessible on-campus apartment should contact Mark Bernhardt, Assistant Director of Housing-Apartments/Property Management, as soon as they are accepted and/or enrolled at TU College of Law.  All apartments that are currently accessible for student with physical challenges will be reserved for students with physical needs until mid-July before the commencement of the semester in mid-August.  If a student with special physical needs is admitted or enrolls after the deadline has past, accommodations may be made to a non-accessible apartment should one be available.

Once a student with physical challenges signs a licensing agreement for a university apartment, the property management team will meet with that student individually to discuss what accommodations are needed to that student’s apartment.  All physical accommodations can be made within two to six weeks to allow the student to move into their apartments within a reasonable time before the commencement of the semester.  There is no additional rental charge for accommodations made to an apartment that are ADA compliant.  For information about on campus housing in general, click here.


Disabled Parking (lots designated as ADA Accessible) is available throughout the TU campus.  The spaces are located at or near every building on campus, including the law school or John Rogers Hall and vary in quantity depending upon the lot.  If you are planning a visit to The University of Tulsa College of Law, please know that the nearest ADA parking to John Rogers Hall is located to the west of the building.  The University of Tulsa provides spaces throughout the campus for the parking needs of persons with disabilities.  In the case of visitors, the university honors any government-issued disability permit or license plate that is visibly displayed on a vehicle.

Parking Permits

The University of Tulsa provides spaces throughout the campus for the parking needs of persons with disabilities (ADA). In the case of visitors and guests, the university honors any government-issued disability permit or license plate that is visibly displayed on a vehicle, as long as the disability permit or license holder is in possession of the vehicle. Students and employees with physical restrictions may also use these spaces when displaying their disability permit or license plate.

To be assured of a space in their preferred parking lot, students and employees with physical restrictions should purchase a regular permit for the lot of choice by ordinary means. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to visit the Parking/Card Services Office as permits may be purchased online and delivered in the mail.  All students and employees are required to display a university permit to park on any university parking space, even with a government-issued disability permit or license plate. Additionally, the Parking/Card Services Office may issue a temporary university handicapped parking permit to any student, faculty, or staff member with a letter or fax request from their attending physician.

Permits or licenses plates denoting disability do not permit parking in “fire zones,” “no parking zones,” “loading zones,” or those parking spaces and parking lots that have been marked reserved or restricted such as “event parking.”

John Rogers Hall Accessibility


An elevator is located in the Mabee Legal Information Center (MLIC) to provide easy multi-level access to the research facilities. An elevator is also located in the law school lobby for access to the lounge area in the lobby as well as the vending machine area.


To avoid using stairs to access the four main classrooms (rooms 201-204) in JRH, there are alternate entrances located in the Faculty South and Faculty North hallways that lead into all four rooms.


Though all restrooms in JRH are ADA compliant, the restrooms in the MLIC and the restrooms located on the east end of the building are larger and more accommodating for persons with disabilities.