TU Law Diversity Committee Funding Policy

The Diversity Committee at The University of Tulsa College of Law is committed to providing cultural and educational opportunities for the TU Law community. Through mentoring, advising and programming, we seek to create an environment that celebrates and maintains our multifaceted community. In this spirit, the committee has proposed the following funding policy. 



·        The Diversity Committee may contribute a maximum of $50 to a single student organization sponsored event once per semester. 

·        Thus, each single student organization could receive a maximum of $100 from the committee during the course of an academic year.

·        The Diversity Committee may contribute a maximum of $100 to a multiple student organization sponsored event.

·        Eligible events for funding are those educational events that showcase, promote, or otherwise explore diversity in our community.

·        Event related receipts shall be submitted to the Committee Chair by an officer of the student organization within two weeks of the event.



·        To qualify for funding, the student should be in pursuit of enriching their education through an event, program, or competition for which additional funding is being sought.

·        The student must fill out a funding request form no later than 45 days before the event.

·        The student must provide a budget proposal, with a breakdown of total costs for the program/event for which he/she is seeking monetary assistance. The student must seek funding from all available outside sources and demonstrate good faith efforts have been made to do so.

·        If granted funding, the student must complete a check request form (available in Front Office of JRH) to receive reimbursement. No later than two weeks after the event, the student must then provide the committee chair with a copy of all related receipts as well as a completed original copy of the check request form.

·        If granted funding, the student is required two weeks after the event to provide a written statement (about half a page) and a small presentation before members of the Diversity Committee. The student is expected to talk about how the event benefited the TU Law community and promoted the students’ personal or professional growth.


*NOTE: Requests for funding will be considered on a case by case basis. Both individual students and student organizations will need to fill out the Diversity Committee Funding Request Form. This can be obtained by contacting the Diversity Committee Chair. The appointed members of the Diversity Committee will vote on all requests. The granting of funds is discretionary based upon availability of committee budget funds and subject to committee approval. The committee will not entertain requests unless all above requirements are met.

**Please contact Monique Garmy, the Diversity Committee Chair, with any questions.