Foreign Applicants

In addition to completing the general requirements for admission, applicants who have earned undergraduate degrees from institutions outside the United States or Canada must have their transcripts evaluated through the LSAC JD Credential Assembly Service. This service is included in the CAS subscription fee and the evaluation will be incorporated into the CAS report. 

TU College of Law requires that all applicants who have earned degrees from institutions outside the United States or Canada submit an original copy of the TOEFL score to LSAC. To submit a TOEFL score, you must contact the Education Testing Service (ETS) and request that your TOEFL score be sent to LSAC. The LSAC TOEFL code for the Credential Assembly Service is 0058. This score will also be incorporated in your CAS report.

Minimum overall TOEFL score required to be considered for admission:
Internet-Based Total: 90
Computer-Based Total: 233
Paper-Based Total: 570

Financial responsibility must be attested to in accordance with current cost estimates. Please see the TU College of Law estimated tuition and living expenses form.  Please complete the Confirmation of Financial Resources form.  

Alternatively, if an applicant wishes, he/she may provide a bank statement instead of the official CFR form as long as the bank statement is in English and the name of the person who has the account is listed on the form and it shows the banks name. If choosing this method and the account is not their own, they need to put in writing how this person is related to them. 

Applicants may also obtain a letter from their bank that states that they have at least the needed amount.  The letter must be signed by a bank official and be on bank letterhead. If an applicant is to be funded through an outside scholarship or corporate sponsor, he/she needs to provide an official letter stating exactly what is to be covered and a dollar amount.

For information about our international student community or questions about immigration and visas, please visit the Office of International Student Services.



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