Students who have been denied acceptance to TU College of Law and who wish to reapply, in addition to submitting a new application and CAS report, must submit a written statement to the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee. This statement must describe what steps the applicant has taken to improve the applicant's qualifications for admission. If it has been determined by a TU College of Law admission officer that one of the reasons for denial was a low LSAT, the applicant must have retaken the LSAT and shown a significant increase in score.

To cover the administrative costs associated with reapplications, there will be a $50 reapplication fee for each application subsequent to a letter of denial.  Please note that all steps that were taken in the original application must be repeated.  Therefore, a new CAS report and application are necessary.

In addition to this policy, the Office of Admission will reserve the afternoon of the last Thursday of each month for visiting with students who have been denied and who wish to be reconsidered. Except for extraordinary circumstances to be determined by the Dean of Admissions, a visit may be scheduled at a different time.

Submit written statements to:
The University of Tulsa College of Law
Office of Admissions
3120 East Fourth Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104