Payment and Refund Policy

(Figures in this section are subject to change without notice at the beginning of the fall term.)

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and special fee charges are set out in annual announcements from The University of Tulsa.

Effect of Nonpayment
The University of Tulsa may suspend or withdraw students from classes and withhold grades, transcripts, and diplomas for failure to pay tuition and other charges when due. The University of Tulsa may also deny future enrollment for students with delinquent accounts.

Refunds of Tuition upon Withdrawal
If a student withdraws from any course, he/she may receive reduction of tuition based upon the following schedule. The reduction shall be calculated from the date on which application for withdrawal is received in the Business Office. The University of Tulsa shall follow federally mandated refund schedules as they apply. Non-attendance of classes does not constitute an official withdrawal or drop.

Refund Schedule for Fall/Spring Semesters:
First day of classes – 100%
Day 2 through end of first week – 90%
Second and third week – 50%
Fourth through seventh week – 25%
Remainder of semester – 0%

Refund Schedule for Summer Sessions:
Withdrawal prior to the summer session- 100% 
First day of classes - 100% 
Second through fourth day of classes -80%
Fifth through sixth day of classes -50%
Seventh through ninth day of classes -25% 
After day nine – 0%

Students with loans should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to ascertain the impact of withdrawal on their loans.

Students are responsible to ensure that all educational expenses are paid during the semester in which they are incurred. If financial aid does not cover all expenses, a student may either pay the balance in full or participate in The University of Tulsa's monthly payment plan. Please contact The University of Tulsa's Business Office at 918.631.2600 to obtain information regarding the monthly payment plan. A nominal fee will be assessed to establish a monthly payment plan.

The University of Tulsa provides e-statements on a monthly basis on all accounts with an unpaid balance regardless of pending aid, payment plans, or financial support from other off-campus sources. Students will receive an email advising that a statement is available for review in their WebAdvisor account.  Students are responsible to ensure that financial obligations are resolved in a timely manner.

Payment of current semester charges or payment arrangements must be made by 5:00 PM on the first day of classes. Payment arrangements may include the monthly payment plan, pending financial aid, or a combination. Payments not made when due will be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month.

Currently enrolled students with an unpaid balance may be eligible to enroll in a subsequent semester provided that:

  •     The student balance is not in excess of $5,000.
  •     The student balance includes current semester charges only.
  •     The student has established an university approved payment plan, 
         at least one payment of that plan has been processed, and the
         terms of the payment plan allow for payment in full of the current 
         unpaid balance by the start of the semester in which the student
         wishes to be enrolled.

A failed payment plan will result in cancellation of enrollment.

If the account remains unpaid, the university reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a student from classes; withhold grades, transcripts, and diplomas; deny future enrollments; and require a transfer from student housing.

The University of Tulsa accepts charges on valid VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.