Harland and Shirley Stonecipher Scholarship in Law


Established in 2001 by multiple donors from Pre-Paid Legal Services in honor of Harland and Shirley Stonecipher who founded Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., in 1970.  The company went public in 1979.  Mr. Stonecipher, a former schoolteacher, had a goal to give every American – not just the wealthy- the ability to have equal access to the American Legal System.”  The scholarship fund provides scholarships to students who express a desire for the preservation of individual rights in this country.

"It would be difficult to exaggerate the impact the Harland and Shirley Stonecipher Scholarship has had on my legal education. The scholarship has allowed me to focus on non-profit work and devote my time to serving the underserved in the Tulsa area. Working with those most in need is an invaluable experience. I am thankful for the scholarship and hope to continue to pass on the altruism that has been given to me."

- Harrison Garlick (JD candidate '15), Harland and Shirley Stonecipher Scholarship recipient