Access Services


The Floyd & Virginia Walker Circulation Reserve Collection is on the left as you enter through the double glass doors on the second floor. The MLIC services provided there are:

  • General Directional information
  • Access forms
  • Materials check out/return
  • Carrel Rental
  • Course Reserves
  • Summer Reading List
  • Reserve Collection
  • Grade Distributions
  • Hold Shelf for reserve materials/ILL Receipts
  • Personal holds and recalls on currently charged items
  • Current issues of law reviews/periodicals/newspapers
  • Media Collection (Audio/VHS/DVD)
  • Media Equipment (presentation pointers, headphones, videorecorder)
  • Missing materials search service
  • Sale of copy cards and flash drives
  • Paper/Toner
  • Old test files
  • Easels
  • Laptop pickup
  • Lost and Found
  • Study Room Questions
  • Interlibrary loan services
  • Document Delivery


  • All persons with valid TU ID cards or access cards may enter the MLIC and check out materials for use within the facility.
  • Local attorneys and alumni with access cards permitting circulation privileges (charges apply)
  • TU students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials to circulate outside the facility.

To check out materials for use within or outside the MLIC you will need your valid TU ID or access card. Materials are checked out through our automated circulation system and materials are charged out for varying lengths of time depending on their status. [SEE Circulation Periods, below]. Please be aware that we have a security system at the entrance/exit and an alarm will sound if any materials are not properly checked out. If the alarm sounds, please return to the Circulation Desk.


Circulating treatises may be checked out to students for four weeks and for two weeks to attorneys with access cards which have borrowing privileges.

Some materials on Reserve circulate for three days including CLE materials, Nutshells, Hornbooks, study aids, bound periodicals, DVDs, audio CDs, and supplemented one volume treatises. Faculty may check out materials for a more extended time period. Renewals may be made at the Circulation Area or by the individual from the Library Catalog.  Renewals cannot be placed if there are requests for the item.  Other reserve items check out for two hours and do not leave the MLIC.


Non-reserve materials do not accrue fines, but if they are not brought back, patrons will be charged the replacement cost.  Reserve items do accrue fines.  Reserve materials and course reserve materials check out for different periods of time, so patrons should be sure to note due dates. Any questions about fines accrued can be directed to Richard Todd at 631-5608 or


If the item you want is checked out please check with the Circulation Desk for more information on how to place a personal hold or recall. If you cannot find the materials you need, and the Online Catalog does not show a due date, please notify the staff at the Circulation Desk and a search request form will be filled out. The Circulation or Stack Maintenance Staff will conduct a search and notify you if the missing item is found. Interlibrary Loan may be used to obtain materials which cannot be located.