Government Documents and Microforms

Government Documents:

Both the MLIC and McFarlin Library are depositories for U.S. Government Documents.

Government Depository Logo The MLIC is a selective depository for U.S. Government Documents. These materials are housed on the northwest side of the MLIC on the first floor. Materials are available from the compact shelving and open stacks. Some older materials are located at the downtown Legal Research Center and can be retrieved upon request at the Circulation Desk. These materials are arranged either by the Superintendent of Documents Classificiation System or Library of Congress Classification System. Some documents are available on the web, on microform, or on CD-ROM.

Documents on particular subjects can be identified by using the print (1976-2004 available at McFarlin), or online (since 1994), Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications; a print set of CIS Index/Abstracts, 1970-to 2003; ProQuest Congressional, and other specialized indexes.

Since both Libraries at the University of Tulsa are selective depository libraries for federal government publications, some, but not all of the publications listed in these indexes will be available.

Both libraries have begun cataloging projects to enter records on the OPAC; some are not yet listed. Always check with the MLIC staff for holdings of specific titles you have difficulty finding.

This website ( contains government document resources available in electronic form from the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the government.

If you need assistance using Government Documents in the MLIC, please inquire at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor.


The MLIC has numerous microform (fiche or film) sets (some of the titles below are available online) in addition to Government Document depository items. Some of those titles are:

  • United States Supreme Court Records and Briefs
  • State Session Laws
  • CIS Congressional Publications, 1970-2010
  • Canon Law Collection
  • Hein's Bar Journal Service
  • Native American Legal Materials Collection
  • The Native Americans Reference Collection: Documents Collected by the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Official Journal of the European Communities, Series C and L
  • United Nations Documents and Publications (Law Library Collection and Law Library Collection optional segment #2, Human Rights, the Readex microfiche collection)

In the microform area there are reader/printers for making paper copies from the fiche and film.

Copies of a Finding List for Law Library Microforms are also available in this area, at the 1st Floor Information Desk and at the Reference Desk. A finding list/guide to the shelves is available.


 This is an individual title finding list primarily for microform titles not received as part of the government document depository program. A few depository publications are included because of high demand for location information for these titles. Titles on this finding list are housed in the compact shelving. This list undergoes revision periodically.

If you need assistance locating microforms or operating the equipment, contact the Reference Desk.