Interlibrary Loan

Students, faculty, and staff of the TU College of Law, and access card holders with borrowing privileges have access through ILL to materials and articles not owned by the MLIC. Requests for materials owned by other libraries are usually filled in about five to seven days.  Requests can be submitted electronically through the Interlibrary Loan Form.

The Libraries of the University of Tulsa share an online public access catalog and circulation system. The online catalog can be searched either from the library terminals or by remote access. The Libraries also utilize other bibliographic networks such as OCLC and have access to other online public access catalogs. These resources enable the staff to meet patrons' information needs through ILL even when the material is not in the MLIC.

Attorneys, including out of town, may make phone and email requests for photocopies of library materials to be mailed or faxed to them at a cost. Precise citations must be provided. Call the Reference Desk (631-2460) for information on charges.

Suggestions for purchase of library materials may be submitted here.  They will be forwarded to the Collection Development Librarian for consideration.