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The MLIC provides several services for faculty, details below, please use mlic@utulsa.edu for these services.


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Courier Service

The MLIC offers a courier service for law faculty that will allow us to retreive or return McFarlin books for you. This form is a prerequisite required by McFarlin Library. It is the same form they require if your research assistant has privileges to check out McFarlin books in your name. The service will not be available on the weekends. Please note that the Circulation staff at the MLIC will not be able to renew items for you. McFarlin has a strict policy on renewals and only the circulation staff at McFarlin Library are authorized to approve renewals for McFarlin materials. McFarlin Library allows renewals 3 times only. If renewals are needed past this limit, the materials must be physically returned to McFarlin where they will be checked in and then checked back out if needed.
Please return the completed, signed form to the Circulation Desk in order to be authorized by McFarlin to have Mark Mayer check out books on your behalf. If we do not have a signed form on file, McFarlin will not allow us to check out their materials for your use. Once we have your signed permission form, there are two ways to notify us that you want us to check out McFarlin materials.

  1. Send an email to mlic@utulsa.edu with enough bibliographic information for us to identify the resource you want us to check out; OR
  2. If you find titles in the Library Catalog, click the “Save For Export” tab for each title you want. Once you have saved all the titles you want, click the “View Saved” tab. CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE TO YOUR NAME so we know who is sending the email from the catalog. Send the email to mlic@utulsa.edu

Materials will be delivered to your mail shelf in the Faculty Support Center. Items for return to McFarlin can be placed on the MLIC book cart in Faculty Support.

Annual Faculty Visit

We always are eager to help you throughout the year. To help us better assist faculty and to prepare individualized collection development profiles, faculty visits are conducted each year in order to assess research interests and teaching support needs. These visits by a MLIC librarian also provide notice of new products and services available to you. We hope that during these brief visits you will suggest materials for purchase, give us feedback on how well the MLIC is meeting your needs, and let us know if we can conduct class presentations or develop bibliographies or other research guides for your students. It is a good time to learn our names and faces and get to know our experience and research competencies.

Course and Non-Course reserve

MLIC Access Services can handle materials specific to an individual class by placing them on course reserve arranged by class and professor. Please fill out and return this form. These materials are shelved in the circulation area and usually have a short check out time of 2 hours. Materials can be personal books and papers or materials from our collection. Contact Theresa Eubanks for details.

Exam File

Exam File - The MLIC maintains a paper exam archive in the Circulation area. Students may examine and photocopy if desired. If you wish to add your exam to the file contact Richard Todd.

Topical Research Presentations and Focused Tours

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for a focused library tour or if you would like a librarian to visit your class and make a presentation. Presentations are tailored according to the content and amount of time specified by the requesting faculty member. Librarians are available to give students enrolled in seminars individual help in finding a topic and creating a research plan. Contact us to schedule appointments.


The MLIC subscribes to the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) suite of products. These include over 800 guided lessons/tutorials on every legal subject. Many instructors find it to be helpful to assign CALI lessons to their students. You can obtain a faculty CALI account, with access to all the answers to the CALI lessons, by contacting Dan Bell.

LEXIS/Westlaw ID and password issues

Westlaw: Contact Dan Bell, or call 1-800-WESTLAW or use the Forgot Password link at Westlaw.
LEXIS: Use the Forgot Password link at LEXIS or call 1-800-45LEXIS.

LEXIS/Westlaw Research Assistance

Contact the Reference Desk in the MLIC for general Westlaw or LEXIS research assistance, or Dan Bell for help setting up alerts/saved searches in your research area.

Westlaw's TWEN and LEXIS' Blackboard

The MLIC supports Westlaw's and LEXIS' respective course management packages. Contact Dan Bell for assistance in setting up and managing your course webpage through Westlaw or LEXIS.

Instructional CDs and Video Presentations

The MLIC has an impressive collection of videos (both VHS and DVD) covering legal and topical issues. Please contact Richard Todd or any law librarian and let us know what you are looking for, and we will locate it for you.


The College of Law uses SoftTest by Examsoft to secure and collect in-class computer based exams and take home exams. Professors must decide whether to allow students to use laptops to write in-class exams, and if so, select from a few options. Watch your email on the Faculty list-serv for announcements through the semester about Examsoft, or contact Dan Bell for any questions you may have about the exam process.


Orientation and Training for Research Assistants

MLIC librarians provide individualized orientation and training in research basics for your research assistants. Librarians are available to assist your research assistant in projects designated by you.

Current Awareness

The MLIC subscribes to several services which can be set up to provide personalized email or RSS alerts on legal topics. You can sign up for many of these at the BNA website. Contact Dan Bell or for help setting up these alerts. These alerts include but are not limited to:
  • Westlaw's and LEXIS' saved searches.
  • BNA US Law Week
  • Several specialized BNA newsletter alerts (Criminal, Family, etc.)
  • Labor and Employment (several sub-topics)
  • Tax (several sub-topics)
  • CILP (Current Index to Legal Periodicals) Provides customizable up-to-date subject access to American law review articles 4-6 weeks earlier than those using commercial legal periodical indexes such as ILP, CLI and LRI. Over 2500 law professors, lawyers and law librarians rely on CILP for timely topical access to 570+ legal publications. To get signed up for a profile and authorization code please contact Richard Todd.

MLIC Information

Scanners, Photocopier and Color Printer

Circulation Department offers the use of a scanner, photocopier and a color printer to faculty. To use the color printer please contact Computing Resources and have them set you up for the color printer option. We also provide copy cards for faculty to use on the photocopiers in the MLIC.


Permission forms that allow research assistants to borrow books for faculty are provided at Circulation. Included is a form authorizing the research assistant to borrow on your behalf from the main library on campus, McFarlin Library.

Faculty Photocopying

The Circulation Department will provide photocopies of periodical articles upon request. Cites can be sent to the MLIC for copying. Full text articles can also be obtained through one of our online services, HeinOnline.


The MLIC welcomes donations of law-related materials from our faculty. If you have any questions about donations, please contact Dan Bell.
Donations may be made by any of the following methods:
  • You may leave materials on the MLIC cart in the Faculty Support Center. If you choose this method, please make sure that your donations have a note on them indicating who they are from.
  • You may call Dan Bell to arrange to have materials picked up from your office in John Rogers Hall.
  • You may drop items off in the MLIC. If you choose this method, please make sure that your donations have a note on them indicating who they are from.

Donated materials will be evaluated by the MLIC in accordance with the policies set forth in the MLIC Collection Development Policy. Following this evaluation, a thank-you letter will be sent to the donor listing those items that we have added to our library collection. Donated items not selected for addition to the collection will be placed on a discard cart in the MLIC and offered freely to students who are interested.
*Note* The MLIC will always discard teacher's manuals and will never add these items to the collection. Teacher's manuals are immediately recycled and are not made available to the students on the discard cart.


The Hicks Archive was initially developed by Professor John Forrester Hicks while working on his book "A History of the University of Tulsa College of Law." This evolving collection has become the basis of an ongoing history of the College of Law.

The Rogers Archive is a collection of papers, photos and artifacts associated with John Rogers, a prominent Tulsa attorney, businessman, philanthropist and civic leader who was instrumental in the establishment of the University of Tulsa College of Law and served as Dean 1949-1957.