May 4, 2007

Members Present: Darin Fox (OU), Nancy Cowden (OCU), Kathy Broad (OCU), David Gay (TU), Judy Morgan (OCU), Judith Clarke (ODL), Lou Lindsey (TU), Lori Long (US Navy), Melanie Nelson (TU), Faye Hadley (TU), Christine Chen (ODL), Lisa Bowles (OU), Elaine Bradshaw (OU), Lauren Bardgett (OU), Jennifer Gerrish (OU), Vicky Santana (OCU), Marilyn Nicely (OU).

Introductions: Faye welcomed the group during lunch at St. Joseph's Church. The lunch and tour of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum were coordinated by Vicky Santana of OCU.

Announcements: The meeting began with a brief discussion of major projects and current happenings at area law libraries. Some of the items discussed include: OU's planned migration to a new integrated library system; Kathy Broad at OCU won second place in the AALL Photo Contest; OCU is migrating to a new financial system (Banner) and upgrading Voyager with a new server; the Dean at Tulsa has resigned; Tulsa is recarpeting the entire library; OU has 2 South American fellows visiting this summer; OU is in the midst of a scanning project; two OU librarians attended the Computers in Libraries conference in April; TU offered an Advanced Legal Research course this spring; the U.S. Navy no longer maintains a print library - using Lexis and Google; two TU librarians attended the SWALL conference in Tempe; the next SWALL conference may be held on a cruise ship; ODL has been focusing on more reader services, such as a book club and audio books; Faye discussed preparations for the upcoming Sovereignty Symposium.

Committee Reports: None

New Business: Darin distributed a proposed logo for OKLL which was created by Courtney Bowles (Lisa's niece). The logo was adopted by consent, and the group discussed possible uses for it, such as mugs, t-shirts, and the web site. OKLL wishes to thank Lisa Bowles and Courtney Bowles for this logo.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held in August at OU.

Tour: After the meeting, members of the group were given a tour of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and Archive by Helen Stiefmiller