2004 Aug 13

August 13, 2004
Minutes of the Oklahoma Law Librarians Meeting

Attendance: Ann Long, Fred Wheeler, Lisa Bowles, Patti Monk, Judy Morgan, Nickie Singleton, Faye Hadley, Vicky Santana, Elaine Bradshaw.

Formation of AALL Chapter? Nickie Singleton volunteered to present on this topic at the meeting in Tulsa, OK on November 19, 2004. Of the many items for consideration, a few were discussed: we need to have twenty-five active members, our future bylaws and constitution need to be consistent with those of AALL, and a portion of our future dues will go to AALL. Nominate Officers for the following positions:
President: Venita Hoover Vice President/President Elect: Secretary: Webmaster - Dan Bell Tulsa Meeting Coordinator - Faye Hadley Oklahoma Meeting Coordinator - Ann Long Other positions?

Confirm/Nominate Committee Heads for the following committees:

Oklahoma Attorney General Unpublished Opinions Committee: Terri Calloway, Oklahoma Supreme Court - OCSN, Lee Peoples, Oklahoma City University School of Law Library Oklahoma Bar Journal Indexing Committee: Elaine Bradshaw, University of Oklahoma College of Law Library, Lynda Barnes, Crowe & Dunlevy Nominating Committee: Vicky Santana, Oklahoma City University School of Law Library, Judy Morgan, Oklahoma City University School of Law Library Marketing/Membership Committee: Lisa Bowles, University of Oklahoma College of Law Library, Faye Hadley, University of Tulsa College of Law Library
Oklahoma Law Librarians Web Page Content: http://www.law.utulsa.edu/library/oklawlib Annual Meeting (November 19, 2004) at the University of Tulsa College of Law (MLIC) will be an all-day program with a schedule as follows (subject to change):

9:30 - 10:00am Registration 10:00 - 11:00am Program(s) 11:00 - 11:30 MLIC Tours 11:30am - 1:00pm lunch at McFarlin Faculty Lounge (sponsored by West) 1:00 - 2:00pm Program(s)
Please submit any and all program ideas to Faye Hadley (m-hadley@utulsa.edu or phone: 918-631-2457).

Future Program ideas - David Gay asked that Faye Hadley poll everyone at the meeting and ask them if they are still interested in a January tour of the Patent Depository Library in Stillwater in January 2005. There was a good deal of interest expressed in this tour.
Ann Long offered to coordinate an Amigos program for the November meeting in Tulsa.

General Notes:
Judy Morgan & Nickie Singleton will come up with a proposal for bylaws for our new (Oklahoma) AALL Chapter.

Judy Morgan volunteered to come up with a contest to name our nascent group. Both Nickie and Judy will consider whether we want to offer an institutional membership.

Nickie Singleton announced that Shelly Clements is doing well and is recovering from chemotherapy and will be back at work next week. The chapter membership took up a collection and Ann Long will send flowers to Shelly at work from the Oklahoma Chapter.

Questions regarding changes in OCLC/ILL should be directed to Lisa Bowles at OU (phone: 405-325-4311). Ann Long's class on General Law Librarianship will be offered for the Spring semester 2005 - get the word out.