2004 Nov 19

November 19, 2004
Minutes of the Oklahoma Law Librarians Meeting

Attendance: Dan Bell, Melanie Nelson, Lou Lindsey, Ann Long, Jim Jackson, Jim Bublis, David Gay, Rick Ducey, Mira Greene, Carol Arnold, Nickie Singleton, Blythe McCoy, Latisha Irwin, Steve Hartzog, Jason Bashforth, Leslie McGuire, Lorraine Lorne, Herb Cihak, Venita Hoover, Fred Chan, Cathy Chick, Vicky Santana, Kathy Kane, Kathy Broad, Brenda Whisenhunt, Marilyn Nicely, Rachel Gaston, Karen Bouteller, Susan Julian, Joyce Pacenza, Faye Hadley

1) Venita Hoover opened the meeting with a report from the Nominating Committee that recommended a slate of candidates for the positions of President (Venita Hoover), Vice-president (Ann Long), Secretary (Faye Hadley), and Webmaster (Dan Bell). The slate was approved by acclamation.

2) The decision concerning whether to become an official chapter of AALL was postponed until after Nickie Singleton?s presentation.

3) The report on the OK Attorney General Unpublished Decisions Committee was postponed (Venita will contact Terri Calloway who is chair of this Comm.)

4) Venita will also contact members of the OK Bar Journal Comm.

5) Next Quarterly meeting (David Gay): David announced that plans had been made to tour the Patent and Depository Library on Friday, January 29. David will coordinate the visit with John Phillips.

6) Volunteers for hosting the next meeting: Ann Long volunteered.

7) No new business.

8)Adjorn to discuss issue number 2 (above):

Nickie Singleton made a thoughtful presentation concerning whether we should become an official AALL chapter. Many comments were made by various members. Nickie reminded us that the OK law librarians have been getting together for quite awhile to share information and camaraderie; Nickie also pointed out that OK academic law libraries are already members of SWALL and MAALL. Nickie also mentioned that a possible benefit of becoming an official chapter may be that we could use it to increase our professional clout in the state, but over all her suggestion was that the group remain informal and not seek official chapter status at this time.

Rick Ducey echoed Nickie?s feelings that at this time it is probably preferable to keep the group informal.

David Gay mentioned that an informal group of Arkansas law librarians got together whenever a catalyst prompted them to meet.

Melanie Nelson suggested that the group may want to have a little more structure than just waiting until an event or catalyst prompted a meeting.

Marilyn Nicely and Venita Hoover both mentioned that we may want to consider becoming a sub-chapter of SWALL or MAALL.

Nickie also mentioned, and everyone seemed to agree, that the Bar recognition was a positive thing.

Ann Long spoke about her experiences in Colorado and Virginia, pointing out the size of membership differences between those places and Oklahoma. Ann also mentioned that she recently spoke at an Association of Legal Administrators meeting and was surprised to discover how little they knew about what law librarians actually do.

Ann expressed concern over our professional recognition.

Melanie Nelson spoke about the officers - will they meet together? What are their roles? Will they discuss bylaws and policies?

Nickie asked us to consider what is our mission? She mentioned several benefits that can come out of face-to-face meetings such as Free ILL exchange.

Venita will send out a questionnaire via the listserv that will poll members about what they envision for the group.

Melanie Nelson suggested that we might like to focus on what each of us does during a typical day ?A day in the life of??

Vicky Santana summed us the general consensus of the group as ?We should continue to meet as a group, we should develop bylaws, but we should reserve the decision of whether to become an official AALL Chapter or a sub-chapter of another group until a later meeting or date.?

Rick Ducey spoke about the need to encourage students to explore law librarianship and we should support Ann Long?s course that is being offered via OU. Ann offered that anyone interested in teaching a course in law librarianship should contact her.

Courtney Selby talked about her own experience in becoming a law librarian and mentioned that students would welcome more information on other career possibilities.

Mira Greene mentioned the new programs in Legal Information Management offered by Emporia State.

Finally everyone seemed to agree that it would be a good idea to set up a table or booth at the next Bar Association Meeting.