2005 May 13


The meeting was opened by President Venita Hoover

Attorney General Opinions - no report Bar Journal -- on behalf of committee members Elaine Bradshaw and Linda Barnes, Venita reported that the project of digitizing the Bar Journal issues from 1910 - current will be completed by November, and it will be accessible through the Oklahoma State Bar Journal web site, with recognition to the Oklahoma Law Librarians. The inputting is being done as a community service project . The Committee met with Carol Manning to be sure the template is correct and to make other arrangements. Report on bylaws. Venita asked the committee to get a draft of proposed bylaws in time for the November business meeting when she wanted to put it to a vote. The bylaws should include clauses on elections & officers. A new committee member will be needed to replace Nickie Singleton.
NEXT MEETING: Venita asked for feedback regarding the preferred date for the next meeting, possibly August 26 or Sept. 9. Ann Long will inquire of West regarding a session on law firm economics, possibly by Blythe McCoy, West Librarian Relations. Academics at the meeting expressed interest in the topic as a way to learn what law students will need to know upon graduation. AALL meeting: The group will get together informally during the opening reception at San Antonio. If anyone driving has room for a passenger, please post to the list. The new law librarian at OCU will be at CONNEL. MEMBERSHIP. Venita challenged each member to add another member. Marilyn, Lou, & Venita will work on a recruitment drive. TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!
Venita asked the group to share accomplishments, and she passed out paper toots for sound effects:

Lou Lindsey announced that Rick Ducey is Chair of MAALL Local Arrangements for the Oct. 19-21 meeting in Tulsa, and the contracts are already signed for a brand new hotel (great rate of $65 single or double) adjacent to the Oklahoma Aquarium where we will have the opening event, a steak, salmon or vegetarian dinner served on china in and amongst the fish tanks! There will be a four-hour open bar, and full access to the aquarium before and after dinner.

Marilyn Nicely is a lifetime MAALL member.

Kathryn Broad from OCU was named the OCU Staff Member of the Month for March 2005. Patti Monk and Kathryn Broad presented "Using EndNote with your WebVoyage OPAC" at EndUser 2005 (the annual international Endeavor User Meeting) in Chicago on April 30, 2005.

Darin Fox is the new director at University of Oklahoma. He is originally from Norman, but went to LA for his first law librarian job with Al Brecht at USC. He worked both as a law librarian and a dean of IT. He had promised his wife they would live in LA only two years, but eight years later they decided to move with their four year old boy back to Norman. He started the directorship on May 2.

Melanie Nelson has only 15 hours left toward her J.D. degree from The University of Tulsa.

Fellers Snider is the first Oklahoma law firm library to catalog materials on OCLC. The firm's OCLC symbol is FSBBT. If anyone wants to borrow anything, please call Ann Long instead of requesting electronically through ILL/FirstSearch.

Jane Goodman is doing her library school practicum this May for The University of Missouri School of information Science and Learning Technologies at The University of Tulsa Mabee Legal Information Center. She will be attending AALL in San Antonio.

Venita passed out a handout by Dan Bell explaining about the OK Law Librarian listserv and how to register.

The County Law Library has a lead on a donor of a full set of OK Decisions (500 books).

Venita passed around a good bye card for the group to give to Nickie Singleton.

Marilyn Nicely will try to come up with a logo for the organization, and possibly the logo can be put on coffee mugs to be given as gifts to departing members and program speakers. Melanie Nelson pointed out that OK Law Librarians has no treasury. The Bylaws Committee will consider a nominal membership charge to cover such things.

Submitted by Lou Lindsey, substituting for Faye Hadley

Before the meeting the group met for lunch at the Renaissance Deli. Darlene Browers gave the group a tour of the Downtown Metro Library. After the meeting, Venita Hoover gave a tour of the County Law Library.

Photos from the tour(s) are posted on the organization's web site hosted by the MLIC at U. of Tulsa College of Law.