2005 Nov 2

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Oklahoma Bar Association Meeting, Sheraton Hotel
Attendees: Corinna Patterson, Terri Calloway, Darin Fox, Ann Walsh Long, Jerry Stephens, Dan Bell, W. David Gay, Shelly Clement, Lisa Bowles, Elaine B. Bradshaw, Marilyn Nicely, Judith Morgan, Darla Jackson, Louise Lindsey, Venita Hoover, Amanda Lemon, William Gaskill, Patsy Trotter, Sam Lasala, Ken Shropshire, and Jim Bublis.

President Venita Hoover opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and introducing our speaker, Dick Spinelli of Hein Publishing. Mr. Spinelli provided a demonstration of the HeinOnline service.

Bar Journal Indexing Committee - Venita reported on the progress of this project. The preexisting bar journal indexes have been converted into electronic form by several volunteers. The indexes will next be checked and combined into a single index. The entries that don't have subject headings (i.e. 1970 and earlier) will need to have subject headings assigned. There is a question about how this service will be hosted and maintained in the future.

Bylaws Committee - The bylaws were read to members in attendance by Darin Fox, incoming Secretary/Treasurer. The bylaws were approved by the members, and an original copy was signed by all members in attendance.

Membership Committee - The Committee is considering sending faxes to all law libraries in Oklahoma to promote membership.

Nominating Committee - Patti Monk of Oklahoma City University was nominated for the office of Vice-President / President-Elect. Darin Fox of the University of Oklahoma was nominated for the office of Secretary / Treasurer. A motion was made to accept the slate of nominees. The motion was seconded and approved.

Venita Hoover presented gifts to Ann Long, Dan Bell, and Faye Hadley for their service to the organization over the past year.

Venita Hoover reported that there may be a problem with the listserv for the organization. If any members have not received mailings in the past few weeks, they should contact Venita or Ann to verify their subscription.

Lou Lindsey reported on the 2006 MAALL meeting which will be held in Jenks, Oklahoma. A hotel has been selected for the meeting.

Jerry Stephens, as a member of the Board of Directors, invited all members of the Oklahoma Law Librarians to attend the upcoming meeting of the Oklahoma Special Libraries Association.