2005 Sept 16

OK Law Librarians Meeting Minutes Friday, September 16, 2005, Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson, L.L.P. Tulsa OK**

Attendees: Patti Monk, Darin Fox, Blythe McCoy, Jason Bashforth, Fred Wheeler, Deanna J. Wilson, Rebekah Henry, Ann Long, Leslie McGuire, Marilyn Nicely, Victoria Santana, Brenda Whisenhunt, Lou Lindsey, Dan Bell, Melanie Nelson, Faye Hadley

The meeting was opened by Ann Long who was filling in for Venita Hoover who was unable to attend today's meeting.

Committee Reports:
OBA Journal Index Comm:
This project is on track to be available by the time of our November Meeting (November 2, 2005) in OKC in conjunction with the OBA Annual Meeting. Ann Long asked for a volunteer to write an article on this new database that will be prominently featured on the OBA web site with credit given to the OK Law Lib group.

OK Attorney Generals Opinion Comm:
Lee Peoples has tried to contact the gentleman who does the unpublished opinions and he has not had a lot of luck in getting him to respond. Lee doesn't feel this committee is going any further and wishes to have it not continue. He will not be at this meeting and wishes the motion be made to dissolve this committee. He will keep the channels open and if he is contacted by anyone in reference to this project in the future will let us know of any progression.

Bylaws Committee:
Victoria Santana distributed draft copies of the Bylaws and asked everyone to look them over and recommended that we vote on adopting the Bylaws at the November 2, 2005 meeting. Vicky also confirmed with the group present that we will continue the custom of rotating the vice-president/president position between academic, law firm and government/court librarians. The group agreed to continue this tradition/custom.

Marketing Committee:
Faye Hadley reported that our next Meeting will be held on November 2, 2005 at 8:00 - 9:30am (Breakfast Meeting). Faye also mentioned that the week of October 10 - 14, 2005 will be focused on announcing the OK Law Lib Annual Meeting and if anyone has any names of other area librarians who may be interested in our organization, please e-mail them to Faye at m-hadley@utulsa.edu.

Nominating Committee:
Vicky Santana asked members to contact her or Judy Morgan directly if they have an interest in holding an OK Law Lib office. Also the group discussed making the Web Manager position a life-time appointment (or at least a three year position). The group also discussed keeping the Secretary and Treasurer positions combined into one position until we actually have some money ;) Everyone seemed to agree that the Web Manager position should be at least three (3) years and that the Secretary and Treasurer positions should remain one position for now.

Deana Wilson from Thomson/West mentioned that West has a contract with Arthur Miller (Of Wright & Miller fame) and he is available to speak at events of at least 100 - 200 people, and West will pick up the tab for Mr. Miller's appearance. The sponsor would pay for lunch and invitations.

Ann Long mentioned that we might be thinking about "A Day in the Life" presentation that we should put together for the purpose of showing it at career days at local schools. Ann also mentioned that HeinOnline will be sponsoring the breakfast at our November Meeting and that one of the issues that members of the group might want to consider is whether they want to add HeinOnline to their collections. Hein is going to offer us a consortium price.

Lou Lindsey showed 1 of 4 AALL "Day in the Life" photos of TU law librarian, Courtney Selby, and urged all to cast their votes soon on the AALL home page. These four photos of Courtney were winners from over 200 submitted.

Finally, Lou Lindsey announced that she is collecting items for an Oklahoma basket that will be raffled off in Grand Forks, North Dakota at the MAALL 2005 Meeting. Vicky Santana donated a Tulsa shot glass and Brenda Whisenhunt said that she might have some Frankoma Pottery at home that she would be willing to donate. Also Lou mentioned the Tulsa will be hosting MAALL Annual Meeting in Jenks in October 2006 and announced that everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

The meeting concluded with a tour of the Doerner, Saunders Library. Many, many thanks to Jason, Brenda and Blythe for the very nice meeting, program and lunch.