2006 Aug 11

August 11, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Ann Walsh Long (law student); Darla Jackson (OCU); Kathryn Broad (OCU); Elaine Bradshaw (OU); Jennifer Gerrish (OU); Faye Hadley (TU); Patti Monk (OCU); Victoria Santana (OCU); Darin Fox (OU).

Laura Martin, Public Services Director, provided a detailed tour of the Oklahoma Historical Center and the Research Library. OKLL wishes to thank Laura for her hospitality and for a very informative and interesting tour.

After lunch, Ann Walsh Long welcomed everyone and called the meeting of OKLL to order. Ann reminded everyone about the OKLL web site and specifically about the web page to highlight member publications. OKLL needs nominations for officer positions for next year. If we follow the past rotation (academic-firm-court), a court librarian would be next in line to serve as President.

Faye Hadley and Darla Jackson discussed the upcoming MAALL/OKLL meeting in October. The dinner on Thursday will be held in the aquarium among the fish tanks. There will be a hospitality suite at the Best Western hotel for OKLL members following the dinner on Thursday. Darla described the MAALL/OKLL conference programs that are planned. There will be a repeat of the popular Google presentation that was given at AALL. Patti Monk is coordinating a program on electronic serials. There will be a program on LIPA. Darla and Lee will give a program on information literacy for law students. There will also be programs on emergency preparedness, book ordering on YBP/GOBI, what law firms want new associates to know, and unusual laws still on the books.

The meeting was adjourned.