2006 Oct 20

Joint meeting with Mid America Association of Law Libraries, Tulsa

October 20, 2006

Members Present:
Victoria Santana (OCU), Venita Hoover (Oklahoma County), Judith Clarke (ODL), Kathy Broad (OCU), Nancy Cowden (OCU), Leslie Mcguire (U.S. Courts, Tulsa), Lori Long, (Navy-Tinker AFB), Ann Walsh Long, Darla Jackson (OCU), Marilyn Nicely (OU)

After introductions, Ann cited accomplishments for the past year. The OKLL toured the State Law Library and Capitol, the Historical Society and met in conjunction with the Special Libraries Association and the Mid America Association of Law Libraries.

Committee Reports: By-Laws:
Vickie Santana was unable to work much on the By-Laws due to illness. She requested others make suggestions, or send her examples of by-laws. Marilyn and Judith volunteered to serve on the By-Laws committee. Members discussed ideas about the by-laws such as updating them at the annual meeting.

Judy Morgan, Venita, and Victoria served on the Nominating Committee. Nominations for the coming year are: Faye Hadley, President and Vice-President/President-Elect Terri Calloway. Judy moved and Ann seconded that the nominees be elected. Vickie moved and Venita seconded that the past-president serve on the Nominating committee in the future.

Bar Journal Committee:
Venita reported substantial indexing is complete. Carol Manning at the OBA said the OBA would not be able to update. Venita said Elaine Bradshaw was working on 1910-1950. Darla suggested putting the index on OSCN. The possibility of having a "wiki-pedia-like" site that would allow distributed updating was discussed. It was suggested that we ask Darin Fox and Dan Bell to look at the electronic version and see what could be done with it in online format. Venita agreed to send Dan Bell a file on CD to put on the OKLL web site, so that others can see what is now on Venita's computer. Another suggestion was to see if Hein would publish the index. The convenience of having a print copy rather than searching by key-word on HeinOnline when OBAJ is online was discussed since HeinOnline keyword searching is slow responsively.

Membership Committee
Venita is on Membership committee. Courtney Selby and Darla Jackson are liaisons to the library school.

Other reports:
Rick Ducey was to investigate OKLL doing workshops as a way to raise funds. Vicky said she has an article written by Eileen Cohen at the University of New Mexico about teaching legal research that she would send to Rick. Ann commented that the Logo designs previously submitted are lost and we need to re-design. Ann presented recognition certificates for Dan Bell, Darin Fox, Patty Monk, and Faye Hadley.

New Business:
None. Adjourned.