2007 Jan 26

January 26, 2007

Members Present: Faye Hadley (Tulsa), Victoria Santana (OCU), Rick Ducey (Tulsa), Marilyn Nicely (OU), Leslie McGuire (U.S. Courts, Tulsa), David Gay (Tulsa), Dan Bell (Tulsa), Darin Fox (OU), Jason Bashforth (Doerner, Saunders, LLP), Melanie Nelson (Tulsa), Susan Gilley (ODL), Lou Lindsey (Tulsa), Brenda Whisenhunt, Mira Greene (Tulsa).

After introductions, Faye thanked Leslie McGuire for hosting OKLL at the U.S. Courts Library in Tulsa.

Committee Reports: Bylaws Committee - Victoria reported that the Bylaws have been posted on the OKLL web site. The original is on file with Ann Walsh Long. Nominations Committee - Faye reported that Terri Calloway is the President-Elect. Membership Committee - Volunteers are needed for the OU Library School Orientation. Please contact Courtney Selby if you are willing to staff a table at the orientation and answer questions about law librarianship.

Other Reports: The OKLL logo was discussed. All previous logo designs from a year ago were lost. We need to start over. Darin offered to have some of the creative staff at OU work on a possible logo. Faye reported that Ann Walsh Long will be moving to Tennessee with her husband. Faye discussed possible locations for the OKLL meetings for the rest of the year. Victoria suggested a spring meeting at the Oklahoma Memorial and a tour of the library. There would be a cost associated with going to the museum. We'll need a kitchen. Marilyn volunteered to coordinate an August meeting at the University of Oklahoma Law Library. It was suggested that OKLL should ask Terri to give a presentation on OSCN during one of the next meetings. The October meeting with be in conjunction with the annual Bar Meeting. Rick reported that Tulsa's next ABA inspection will take place in Spring of 2008. There was a very good roundtable discussion of major projects occurring at all of the area law libraries.

After lunch , Leslie McGuire provided a tour of the U.S. Courts Library in Tulsa. Thanks, Leslie!