Donor Information


Several of the "special" areas in the Mabee Legal Information Center have been made possible by the generous donations for friends, faculty, staff and alumnae. Please take the time to check out these appreciated and special areas. The names of the rooms, numbers (when appropriate) and floors are given. We begin with the 1st Floor, formerly called the Lower Level

1st Floor:

  • Student Lounge, in honor of: J. H. & Shirley May May & Marisa Sue May
  • RM 1003: Student Locker Annex: a generous gift of W. Michael Hill & James K. Secrest, II
  • RM 1004: Conference Room, a generous gift of: W. Thomas & Sharon D. Coffman
  • RM 1007: Hicks and Rogers Archives, a generous gift of: Joseph W. Morris
  • Martin A. Frey Plaza, a generous gift of Professor Emeritus Martin A. Frey and the University of Tulsa Faculty and Staff; 1st Floor, outside
  • RM 1101: H. A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust Student Resource Laboratory
  • RM 1303: Utsey Family Native American Law Center, a generous gift of the Utsey Family
  • RM 1304: Frank M. Rowell, Jr. Comparative & International Law Center
  • RM 1306: Bernard M. Schwartz Government Information Center
  • RM 1309: Board of Advocates Chamber, a generous gift of John J. Hopkins
  • RM 1313: Tulsa Law Review, a generous gift of Bonnie & Frank Henke
  • RM 1315: Tulsa Law Review, a generous gift of Gable & Gotwals
  • RM 1317: Energy Law Journal, in memory of J. Richard Tiano, a generous gift of Foundation of the Energy Law Journal
  • RM 1321: Collaborative Study Room, a generous gift of Joseph R. McGraw, Jr.
  • RM 1322: Collaborative Study Room, a generous gift of Paul F. & Nancy McTighe
  • RM 1323: Alumni Conference Center & Faculty Study, a generous gift of the Law Alumni Association Board
  • RM 1403: L.S. Skaggs, Jr., Alternative Dispute Resolution Center
  • Lawyering Skills Alcove, a generous gift of Linda Mitchell & William Stuart Price

2nd Floor:

  • Floyd & Virginia Walker Circulation & Reserve Collection
  • Joseph W. Morris Main Reading Room, a generous gift of Sarkeys Foundation
  • Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis Reference Library
  • RM 2109-2113: Administrative Suite, in Honor of Richard E. Ducey, a generous gift of Martin H. Belsky & Kathleen Waits

3rd Floor:

  • Mark S. Skaggs West Reading Hall
  • Martin H. Belsky Gallery, a generous gift of Richard P. & Norma T. Small Foundation
  • RM 3103: Career Consultation & Study Room, a generous gift of James, Potts & Wulfers, Inc.
  • RM 3106: Career Consultation & Study Room, a generous gift of Annette E. Watkins Brune & Kenneth L. Brune
  • James W. & Patricia E. Wallis Main Reading Room


Throughout the Mabee Legal Information Center and the renovated Taliaferro Savage Library there are electronic carrels donated by our numerous friends, alums and patrons. We are very grateful for them. Please stop by and check them out!