Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the stapler/hole punch/paper located?

Staplers, hole punch and paper can be found at the circulation desk.  There are also staplers and hole punchers located in the first floor copy room and the open lab as well as the Schwartz lab.

What time do we close/open?

Our hours are here.

How to reserve a room

Go to the law school calendar.  Select a room and the fill in time and date of your reservation.  After submitting the reservation it will be reviewed (see our room reservation policies) and you will be notified by email if it is approved.  

How to put a book on hold

All holds have to be placed by the circulation desk attendant.  Bring the title you desire to the circulation desk and ask that you be placed on the hold list for the soonest returned copy.

How do I access the wireless network from a laptop?

See the Computing Department's page for instructions.  Note that wireless access is only available for current TU faculty, staff and students.

How do I get the password for an online resource?

See the Reference Librarian or Circulation Desk worker and they will sign you on to the product.

Where is the change machine?

A change machine is located in the vending area in the law school building.

Does the copy machine take credit cards or ID cards?

Copy machine do not accept credit cards or TU IDs.  Cash or coin is accepted or a $10.00 copy card can be purchase from the circulation desk.

Room location in the MLIC

Maps of rooms in the MLIC are available at the circulation desk.  For room location in the law school ask the circulation worker or at the front office of the school.

Are family members allowed in the MLIC?

Parent or spouses of law students can receive an access card.  To obtain an access card see the circulation desk attendant who will have you fill out an access form.  At any time a family member or friend can come in for a tour of the facilities

Can I send a fax?

The MLIC does have a fax machine and will do faxes for patrons.  For local calls there is no charge.  Long distant calls are charged $1.00 a page.  The MLIC does not receive faxes for patrons.

How do I find a book?

You should first look up the book title using the online catalog.  You can search by either title, author or keyword.  The entry will give you a location and a call number.  

Where are the computer labs in the MLIC located?

There are two labs available on the 1st floor of the MLIC.  There is a small computer station in the Reference Alcove for quick use to check email or do a short search.

Where is the Lexis printer?

The LEXIS printer is located on the first floor of the MLIC in the photocopy room.

Where is the MLIC located and what is your addres?

The MLIC is located on the north end of campus between Harvard street and Delaware.  The address is 3120 E. 4th Place.  We are number 25 on the campus map.

Are the law review offices located in the MLIC?

Yes, both review offices are located on the first floor of the MLIC in the north/west corner of the floor.