General Item Locations Within the MLIC


First Floor (on lower level)

  • North Side:
    • Law Journal Offices/Board of Advocates
    • Compact Shelving (West):
    • Microforms
    • Government Documents
    • Bernard M. Schwartz Government Information Center
    • Shelving Stacks:
      • Government Documents (cont.)
      • Treatises
      • Compact Shelving: Treatises (cont.),
      • Old Oklahoma and Superseded Martindale-Hubbells
      • Alternative Dispute Resolution classroom: near back of floor on East end
    • South Side:
      • H.A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust Student Resource Laboratory. (open PC lab)
      • Utsey Family Native American Law Center
      • Frank M. Rowell, Jr. Comparative and International Law Center
      • Shelving Stacks:
        • State Materials: Codes, Digests, Reporters, etc.
        • Law Reviews/Periodicals
        • Compact Shelving (East): Law Reviews/Periodicals (cont.)
        • Study Rooms

      Second Floor:

      • Fenelon Boesche Lobby
      • Entrance
      • Circulation/Reserves/Interlibrary Loan
      • Reference Desk and Reference Collection
      • Main Reading Room (Northside):
        • Restatements
        • ALRs
        • Shepard's
        • Oklahoma Collection: Statutes, Statutes
        • Annotated, Oklahoma Decisions, etc.
        • General Legal Form Books, such as West's Legal Forms
        • Main Reading Room (Southside):
          • Federal Materials: USC, USCA, Federal
          • Register, CFR, Supreme Court reporters & digests, Federal Reporters and Digests, etc.
          • Administrative Offices (West)

        Third Floor:

        • Main Reading Room:
          • Regional Reporters
          • West Reading Hall:
            • Regional Reporters Digests
            • American, Decennial, and General Digests
            • Legal Encyclopedias (AmJur, CJS)
            • Technology Training Center
            • Study Rooms