The New John Rogers Hall

JRH RemodelIt is an exciting time at the TU College of Law, as thorough renovations to John Rogers Hall are now complete. Please take a look at the finished product in these photos.

A $1 million gift from the Chapman Charitable Trusts provided a jump-start for a series of interior renovations to John Rogers Hall in the summer of 2011 that improves the access, functionality, and look of the building. The facility has been transformed into an aesthetically refined learning space that will rival the top law schools in the nation.

The project consisted of an interior redesign of the public lobby, classrooms and corridors, new restroom facilities, lockers and administrative areas. New ceilings and energy-efficient lighting have been installed. Classrooms have been remodeled with new carpeting, wall covering, lighting, ceilings, updated technology, and furniture. In the administrative area, staff members have been provided a work space designed for functionality and serviceability. The mezzanine and student social areas include new lighting, digital signage, artwork, and many other modern and aesthetically pleasing features.

The redesign increases the law school’s competitive edge, enhances student learning, helps faculty recruitment, and contributes to the future high standing of the College.