JRH Renovation Blog

Follow the progress of the major interior upgrades to the College’s John Rogers Hall


August 30, 2011

What a great summer at the TU College of Law. The renovation of our law school building, John Rogers Hall, is now essentially complete. All that remains is cleaning up in some spots and completing a few technological aspects. Staff members and professors have moved back into their offices.

The facility has been transformed, in both look and function. Changes include: new carpeting, wall coverings, ceilings, furniture, digital signage and lockers, along with updated technology and energy-efficient lighting. For those who have not seen the new John Rogers Hall, I can assure that you will be pleased and proud of our beautiful and more functional building. For now, please view these photos of the building to get a sense of the amazing changes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the renovation caused this summer, but I think you will find that it was well worth it, as this project will contribute to the continued progress of the College. Thank you to Nabholz Construction for their wonderful work on the building, as well as the many staff members at The University of Tulsa who contributed to the final result.

- Janet Levit, Dean & Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair

August 11, 2011

We are now in the final month of the John Rogers Hall renovation, an exciting project that will beautify the facility, improve functionality, and enhance technology. More than ever, John Rogers Hall is starting to look like a law school again rather than a construction site. Here are the latest photos. Please note the recent progress:

• The carpet, tables, and podiums have been placed in the classrooms.
• Wall coverings throughout the building are complete.
• The terrazzo has been installed in the pit.
• Bathroom fixtures are in place.
• Furniture is back in the pit, and most of the building’s furniture has been returned.
• Technology installation is underway throughout the building, including new wireless technology.

- Janet Levit, Dean & Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair


July 28, 2011

Great progress continues on John Rogers Hall. Please take a look at the most recent photos. Here are the developments from the past two weeks:

• Lighting has been installed throughout the front administrative offices (other than the light that will go over the Dean’s Conference Room table).
• The furniture for the administrative offices (other than that in use) has been delivered.
• The lighting control hardware has been installed in the Dean’s Conference Room.
• The new railing around the top of the pit has been painted.
• The fireplace in the pit has been installed and vented.
• Terrazzo installation has begun in the Pit.
• All of the screens in the Pit area have been framed – the east wall screens have been pre-cabled for audio/video and digital signage.
• The remaining speakers have been installed in the 4x4 ceiling tiles in the center of the Pit.
• The entrance to the central hallway has been paneled.
• All of the recessed projection screens have been mounted in the classrooms.
• The ceiling grid in the classrooms is complete.

- Janet Levit, Dean and Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair


July 14, 2011

Please click on "Remodel Photos" to the left on this page and see what’s happened throughout the past two weeks. We are approximately at the halfway point of the renovation. How quickly the transformation happens. Here are the many recent developments:

• The wood paneling in the Pit is almost done.
• The railing around the top of the Pit is in place. It still needs to be painted.
• The framing leading to the central hallway is finished. This will be a very attractive entrance when it is paneled.
• The sheetrock for the outer walls of the classrooms are complete.
• The framing is in place for two beautiful skylights in the central hallway.
• In the administrative offices, the ceiling is complete, the carpet is on the ground, and occupancy light sensors are operating.
• The tile for the women’s bathroom is in.
• The framing for the large video wall is underway.

- Janet Levit, Dean and Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair 

June 30, 2011

The scaffolding in the Pit is gone, and what a difference it makes. John Rogers Hall is beginning to look like something now. In addition to the significant amount of scaffolding that is gone, the most striking things you notice in JRH are: (1) the beautiful woodwork is finished on the coffered ceilings over the pit, and (2) the classroom hallway walls are gone for now, creating a wide open space.

Faculty offices have been painted, the framing for the ceilings in the administrative offices are installed, the framing for the digital signs has commenced, and the workers started framing the bathrooms today. An interesting feature – occupancy sensors that cause lights to come on upon entry – are completed for the bathrooms and faculty offices. All construction is running on time – looks like we are headed for a great semester in our newly renovated facilities.

- Janet Levit, Dean and Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair


June 14, 2011

The renovation is progressing well. Over the past week, extensive duct work has been done, the sprinkler system has been installed, the framing and plumbing for the restrooms have been completed, the old railing around the Pit has been removed, and coffered ceiling areas have been installed in the Pit. Check back for more updates.

- Janet Levit, Dean and Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair


June 6, 2011

As Dean of the TU College of Law, I will be blogging periodically throughout the summer on the progress of our extensive renovations and improvements to John Rogers Hall. I am excited to report that things are well under way. The old lockers and flooring have been removed, and extensive scaffolding has been put in place to enable a new audio system and new lighting and ceilings to be put into place. Please click on “Remodel Photos” on the left side of the screen, and check back for additional photos, video, and updates as the renovation continues. What an exciting time at the TU College of Law!

- Janet Levit, Dean and Dean John Rogers Endowed Chair