Richard B. Risk Jr. Practicum - Inaugural Session

The TU College of Law is excited to host the inaugural session of the The Richard B. Risk, Jr. Practicum on September 19th - 21st from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. in the Price Turpen Courtroom.

The mission of the Practicum is to provide quality instruction in specialized areas of practice. Whether you currently are practicing at a firm, for yourself of if you are seeking a job, the Practicum will provide important skills that you can immediately integrate into your practice.

We are pleased to have the following experts in the practice of litigation serve as instructors:

Guy A. Fortney, Brewster & De Angelis, PLLC
Suzanne Schreiber, Former Law Clerk to Judge Stephanie Seymour of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit
Joel L. Wohlgemuth, Norman Wohlgemuth Chandler & Dowdell

The Practicum for next week is focused on litigation practice. Each evening of the Practicum will be devoted to a special issue of litigation with the goal of instructing young attorneys on essential litigation skills. Here is a breakdown of the individual sessions:

Tuesday: Mr. Fortney and Ms. Schreiber will cover depositions and drafting briefs.

Wednesday: Mr. Fortney and Mr. Wohlgemuth will discuss defense responses, pretrial matters and other important considerations.