John H. Lieber was recently featured in a Tulsa-area business publication regarding his dual careers as an attorney and a nurse. Lieber is of counsel with the Eller & Dietrich Law Firm in Tulsa and works part-time for OU Physicians, The Tulsa City-County Health Department and The INCOG Area Agency on Aging.  Lieber also tutors GED students in math. (Source:  Tulsa Business Journal, 2012)


Robert S. Farris, former president of the Tulsa County Bar Association and adjunct professor at The University of Tulsa College of Law, has been appointed to the Oklahoma Bar Association Board of Governors.  As a member-at-large, Farris will represent the entire state.  (Source:  OBA press release, 2013)

Brian Reeves has been elected Secretary to the American Mensa Board of Directors.  He is a member of the Palm Beach County Mensa in Florida.  Previously, Reeves served as Communications Officer.  He is also a mediator for Nexus Mediation, his own firm in Palm Beach.  (Source: Mensa press release, 2013)

Sam Cassidy, former Senate minority leader and Lt. Governor of Colorado, is now a professor at the University of Denver.


Judge Tom Thornbrugh has been elected as Presiding Judge for Division 4 of the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Judge Thornbrugh was appointed to the appellate Bench in 2011 . He was retained in office by statewide vote in November of 2012. Judge Thornbrugh who was a graduate of the college of law-class of 1974 served 15 years as a District Judge for the 14th Judicial District which included Tulsa County, Oklahoma. He was the Presiding Judge of the District at the time of his appointment to the Court of Appeals.

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