Become A Law Firm Challenge Representative


As a TU Law Firm Challenge representative, you will be responsible for contacting TU Law alumni at your firm to explain the importance of alumni participation, inform colleagues about the needs of the school, and encourage a gift to the school. The Development Office will provide you with support, including periodic email updates on the participation status of your firm and fellow alumni colleagues. With a little creativity, the program can become a fun competition that unites colleagues in the common cause of supporting their alma mater.

Facts and Tips

  1. Consider the Culture – Every firm and organization is unique. Approach your colleagues in ways that are most appropriate for your firm/office culture.  It may also be helpful to schedule a presentation by TU College of Law representatives to kick off your challenge.  Please contact Rick Burr at 918.631.2462 to schedule a meeting.
  2. Stay Updated – We will send you giving updates which you can forward to your colleagues, and you can request one at any time. To be even more effective, you can personalize your messages to include your personal perspective - for example, why you are involved and how this will benefit your firm.
  3. Visit or Call - Email is fast and easy, but nothing beats a personalized, face-to-face conversation. If that is not possible, then a phone call is great too. This communication will provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your colleagues, as well as hear objections or answer questions.
  4. Follow Up – An attorney’s time is valuable. You may need to follow up multiple times with those who do not respond to your initial requests. You can also recruit your alumni colleagues who have already given to help drum up support, especially if they have a closer relationship with a colleague may not bet responsive or is hesitant to give.
  5. Say “Thank You” – Let your colleagues know how much you appreciate their support. Every donor will receive a gift receipt as well as a thank you letter from the dean. A personal note, phone call or email from you will also mean a great deal. If your firm meets the 100 percent participation goal, let your colleagues know; or better yet, invite them all to lunch or get drinks after work to celebrate.

If a colleague has a question that you are unable to answer, refer them to this page or contact the Development Office at 918.631.2462.  Online gifts are encouraged not only because it saves paper and postage, but it also saves time.

Donations are immediately recorded in TU’s online system, making updates to firm participation rates and follow-up more timely.

Rick Burr
Director of Development