Young Lawyers

With the current challenges of the legal job market, the TU College of Law Alumni Association recognizes the need to create additional networking opportunities for graduates as they begin their legal careers.  The Young Lawyers committee was created to bring together new graduates and alumni who have been out of law school ten years or less.  By partnering locally with the Tulsa County Bar Association, the Young Lawyers committee has hosted numerous networking and social functions for new legal professionals in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.  These events are open to all new practicing lawyers, regardless of law school affiliation, as well as third-year TU College of Law students. These opportunities help foster relationships with young lawyers throughout the city and beyond.

The TU College of Law Alumni Association also hosts several networking receptions in other markets each year, and young lawyers are encouraged to attend.  To find out how you can contribute to the Tulsa Young Lawyers committee or to suggest an event in your area, please submit an online Volunteer Interest form or contact the Office of Law Alumni Relations.

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