Facility Policies

Building Policies of John Rogers Hall

Hours of Operation:

John Rogers Hall
7:30 AM to midnight (Monday through Friday)
9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Saturday)
9:00 AM to midnight (Sunday) 

Front Office
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday through Thursday)
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Friday)
*During the summer months, all administrative offices close at noon on Friday.

Key Issuance Policy:  Keys are issued through Dyan Bramwell, Director of Fiscal Affairs, and Campus Security. Keys for student offices in the Mabee Legal Information Center are issued by Rick Ducey in the MLIC Administrative Office, then submitted to the Dean for approval.

Locker Rental:  Lockers are available for rent for an annual fee of $15.  Payments may be made at the front office. (The funds from locker rentals are a part of the Student Bar Association budget.)

Parking:  All students must register motor vehicles that will be parked in university parking lots. Parking permits and copies of parking regulations may be obtained from the ID/Parking Center located in Twin Towers Hall. Students must secure authorization for special apartment parking permits from the Apartment Coordinator in Twin Towers before purchasing the permit from Campus Security.  Read more

Building Equipment and Office Space:  Faculty and administrative equipment and office space are for the exclusive use of the faculty and staff unless permission is given by TU College of Law administration.

Reserving Rooms and Media Equipment:  Seminar rooms and classrooms may be reserved for student meetings at the front office, ext. 2401. Arrangements for the use of media equipment may be made by contacting Computing.

Faculty Support Center:  The FSC serves the clerical needs of TU College of Law faculty and administration only. Students are not permitted to enter this area unless authorized by a professor or dean.  Student organizations may use the assistance of the Faculty Support Center for copying and/or word processing purposes upon the approval of a dean. Priority will be given to work for faculty and administration.

Notices:  Notices, bulletins, announcements, and all other material may be posted adjacent to the student drop files. No such material may be placed in any other areas of the building or posted on building walls or doors in any manner.

Smoke-Free Policy: The University of Tulsa is a smoke-free campus. The Smoke-Free Policy applies to all university facilities with the exception of student room space within university housing.  Smoking is permitted outdoors. Smoking is not allowed in the plaza of the Mabee Legal Information Center.

Eating/Drinking: Eating and drinking are permitted only in the office areas and the lounge areas of the John Rogers Hall. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the classrooms, seminar rooms, or courtroom unless authorized by individual faculty members or administrators. Please dispose of all food and drink containers and wrappers in trash cans.

Recycling Program:  Receptacles for recycling aluminum cans and paper are located throughout John Rogers Hall.

Audiotaping Policy: TU College of Law has not adopted a policy with respect to the permissibility of student audiotaping of classes. Instead, each faculty member adopts the policy he or she deems appropriate. Unless otherwise indicated by a professor, students should assume that audiotaping is not permitted. Students who desire to audiotape due to a disability, absence caused by illness, or other extenuating circumstance should contact Martha Cordell.

Building Emergency and Disaster Plan: In the event of an emergency building evacuation, occupants of John Rogers Hall and the MLIC must evacuate the building and proceed to the following staging areas:

  • John Rogers Hall - Go north across 4th Place to John Rogers Hall parking lot
  • Mabee Legal Information Center - Go west and cross Florence Avenue to areas by the Newman Center and the Wesley Center

In the event a tornado warning is issued through the media or by steady blaring of the city sirens, building occupants should move through the Chapman Rotunda and down the stairs to the basement of the MLIC. Those occupants already in the MLIC must go downstairs to the lower level of the MLIC.  In situations where severe weather creates building emergency, occupants should turn off electrical equipment and disconnect it from power sources if time permits. During lightning storms, occupants should remain in the building, avoid using telephones and electrical equipment, and disconnect equipment from power sources where possible.

Mabee Legal Information Center Policies

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