Financial Assistance

TU College of Law is pleased to announce that BARBRI and Kaplan will provide full-tuition scholarships to graduating students for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Two BarBri and three Kaplan scholarships will be designated for December graduates and three BarBri and three Kaplan scholarships will be designated for May graduates. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide financial assistance to graduates who do not have the ability to pay the bar examination review course fees. 

To be eligible for a full BarBri or Kaplan scholarship, the candidate must demonstrate that, without the assistance, he or she will be unable to take the Oklahoma bar examination preparatory course.  In addition to financial need, the worthy candidate must have demonstrated a commitment to their law studies and promise for the practice of law. 
Students who are interested in applying for a BARBRI or Kaplan full-tuition scholarship or for one of the BARBRI reimbursement scholarships must attend a graduate meeting to obtain the appropriate forms or request a form from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Martha Cordell.  The forms are due to Dean Cordell no later than September 25 for December graduates and February 3 for May graduates. 

Notification will be given to the recipients no later than October 1 for December graduates and February 28 for May graduates.

In addition to the BARBRI and Kaplan scholarships, the College of Law offers a one year interest free loan to graduating students who plan to take the Oklahoma Bar Examination.  The purpose of this loan is to enable students preparing for the Oklahoma Bar to focus on their studies without having to also work a full-time or part-time job. 

To be eligible for a TU College of Law Bar Loan, the graduating student must commit in writing that they will not engage in employment from the time of graduation until after the Oklahoma Bar Examination. 

Students who are interested in applying for a TU College of Law Bar Loan must sign and return the College of Law Bar Loan Certification Form to Associate Dean Martha Cordell no later than December 22 for December graduates and May 4 for May graduates. 

Martha Cordell
Associate Dean for Student Affairs