Professionalism Day Seminars


Jack Brown -- Keynote Speaker  
Mr. Brown provided the Keynote Address regarding how all law students and lawyers are expected to exemplify Professionalism. He has been practicing law for over twenty years and has earned an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Mr. Brown's practice areas or business litigation, individual and corporate trusts, and estate planning. Mr. Brown has held leadership positions in numerous community organizations serving on the boards of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation, the Hillcrest HealthCare Foundation, the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority, Tulsa Zoo Friends, and was president of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. He has served as Governor of the Oklahoma Bar Association and is Chair of the ABA Judical Division. Mr. Brown received his bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma and his law degree from the University of Tulsa. He is the recruiting Partner and Vice President of the law firm Jones, Gotcher and Bogan.


Susan Gainen -- Presentor
Ms. Gainen hails from St. Paul, Minnesota, and has been writing, speaking and counseling students about Alternative Careers for almost 20 years. She presented a program on Alternative Careers: Getting to "There" in a Troubled Market. Furthermore, Susan has spent the past 25 years observing market swings, career change, new technologies and new generations bringing their own stamp and styles to work. Her experience ranges across businesses, industries and academia, and includes working in administration and sales and being a proprietor, a lawyer, director of career & professional development at the University of Minnesota Law School, a headhunter for lawyers in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Through the National Association for Law Placement, she has been a leader in programming and conversations about professionalism and professional development for lawyers and law students. She has advised thousands of law students and alumni and assisted hundreds of career development and recruiting professionals.


Amanda Ellis -- Speaker
Ms. Ellis is the founder of Amanda Ellis Placement, a legal recruitment and placement company, as well as Author of "The 6 Ps of the Big 3. Her program discussed advanced techniques using social networking websites in your legal job search at ay level. If you want to get the inside scoop this presentation is not be missed. Ms. Ellis is a former practicing bankrupty attorney and an accomplished attorney recruiter. She graduated from the University of Texas School of Law. Amanda was previously with Special Counsel, the largest provider of legal staffing services to corporate legal departments and law firms nationwide, where she was tht top producer for direct hire attorney placements. Amanda formed Amanda Ellis Legal Search to implement a focused approach to legal recruiting. Amanda Ellis Legal Search focuses on the placement of bankruptcy attorneys in law firms nationwide. 


Kristine Bridges -- Speaker
Ms. Bridges is the Assistant Dean and Director of Professional Development at the University of Tulsa. Dean Bridges discussed the current state of the legal market. She addressed the students with information on how they could make themselves more valuable in the current legal market.


Travis Pickens -- Presenter
Mr. Pickens is the Ethics Counsel for the Oklahoma Bar Association. Mr. Pickens presentation "Ethical Obligations to the Client, Court, and Bar" addressed frequently asked questions of the office, covered conflicts of interest, and discussed recent trends, developments, and cases in the law of professional conduct. Mr. Pickens brings more than 22 years of experience in private practice associated with Mitchell, Klein, Pickens & Peck.

Tulsa Lawyers for Children Training Seminars - Fall 2010

Tulsa Lawyers for Children, Inc. ("TLC") recruits, trains and provides ongoing assistance to volunteer attorneys who represent children up to 18 years of age who have been abused, neglected or abandoned and who are subjects of "deprived" cases in the Tulsa County Juvenile Court. TLC volunteers include not only law students but litigators, family lawyers,corporate attorneys, former judges, former general counsels of large public companies, patent and trademark attorneys, law school professors and many others who bring their experience, talent and dedication into a system largely hidden from public scrutiny by the veil of confidentiality which cloaks juvenile proceedings.
T.U. Law Students attend the same training as attorney volunteers and then act as volunteer legal assistants to volunteer attorneys on their TLC cases. This is particularly helpful when timely visits with the child clients become difficult for the attorney. Law Students also interview children coming into the shelter and appear at "show cause" hearings as guardians ad litem.
Basics of deprived case
Child's attorney's duties; Role of DHS
ICWA; Procedures; Jury trials; In need to treatment
Communicating with the child client