Living and Dining on Campus

Why live on Campus?

Living on campus provides students with the whole college experience. Living on campus lets you extend your learning beyond the classroom through social and educational activities with a diverse community of students.  On campus living gives you the opportunity to live and form meaningful connections with student who have similiar interests and aspirations.


Housing Selection Begins

Online housing selection for current TU students begins Friday February 14th via Canelink

All students wishing to live on campus for the 2014-2015 academic year will need to register online between February 14th - 28th. For incoming students, you will be able to begin your license process beginning February 21st.

Housing Selection Video


Each current student completes a license and makes a selection, will qualify for that day's drawing and every drawing thereafter. (Limit one daily prize and one grand prize per person.)

February 14-17: Two (2) $30 Target Gift Cards given away each day
February 18-21: Two (2) $25 Target Gift Cards given away each day
February 22-25: Two (2) $20 Target Gift Cards given away each day
February 26-28: Two (2) $15 Target Gift Cards given away each day

WIN AN iPAD MINI! One iPad Mini winner will be drawn February 17, 21, 25 and 28


Housing Selection is a 3 week process beginning with completing your license, selecting your roommates (if applicable) and ultimately selecting your assignment by either retaining your space or selecting one at your assigned lottery session.

The link attached will take you to a FAQ for the Housing Selection process. Most of your questions should be here, if not, feel free to contact your Professional Staff Member or Housing Office.

The University of Tulsa is interested in how resident students can enrich their experiences in an already vibrant campus environment, which is why we have established housing requirements as well as offer a variety of lifestyles to meet the needs of all students.

Students living on-campus are:

  • more likely to persist in college and complete their baccalaureate degree in four years;
  • more likely to earn professional degrees;
  • more likely to achieve a higher grade point average;
  • reported to have greater satisfaction with their living environment;
  • regarded as having a positive self-image, with enhanced self-confidence, public speaking ability, and similar measures of self-reliance;
  • reported to participate in more extracurricular activities.



Click to download a copy of 2013-2014 the Guide to Campus Living.