About the College

business studentsIn addition to our low student-to-faculty ratios and classes taught by full time college faculty, the College puts a great emphasis on faculty advising, so guidance begins right at the freshman level and continues as the student progresses.

While a student may specialize in one particular area of business, the College has designed a curriculum that exposes students to a wide range of business knowledge and experience. This curriculum includes courses in international business and business technology. Since business graduates who have an understanding of the intricacies of international business are better prepared for the realities and opportunities they will face in the workplace, the College offers all business majors a variety of unique opportunities to travel and observe business practices throughout the world. Examples of these opportunities are the Spring Break Course Trips and the Summer Study Abroad program.

Students learn technology through hands-on experiences with the latest business software and technology in our computer laboratories and in our multi-media classrooms that are also available for use in student team meetings, presentations, and projects. Internships and community service projects further augment the student experience.

To better meet the needs of our students and corporate partners, the future employers of TU graduates and the Collins College of Business formed an Executive Advisory Board made up of corporate leaders who serve as a nationwide resource for faculty and students. These top executives provide the college's leadership with personal insight and advice on how successful national and international companies operate, and what kind of business graduates make the grade in their organizations. With their assistance and guidance, the College continues to develop flexible programs that can be modified as new technology and market developments force companies to rethink how they do business.

Nursing students find that the School of Nursing provides an academically nurturing environment that employs the latest in teaching methods and computer technology. Beyond the traditional nursing curriculum, our program requires additional business courses, helping students understand the business environment in which health services are provided. Our curriculum helps students develop communication skill and an understanding of cultural diversity. Classroom knowledge is put into practice in labs and in the real world. The School has established ties with three major metropolitan medical centers, and an array of community health care agencies and psychiatric centers. Employers in a variety of health care settings throughout the country applaud our nursing graduates for their knowledge and skills.

We are proud to note that TU has the first and oldest accredited Athletic Training program in Oklahoma. TU graduates serve as athletic trainers across the state and nation as well as in other countries. Classroom and clinical experiences can prepare students for careers in athletic training and secondary education or serve as a solid foundation for additional educational opportunities such as graduate school. Clinical rotations let students apply their knowledge by working with high school, collegiate or professional sports teams, as well as sports medicine clinics. Clinical hours gained from these rotations count toward the number of hours needed to be eligible to sit for the BOC Inc. certification examination.

All these individual opportunities and educational elements, combined with a superior faculty and an undergraduate curriculum fluid enough to respond to the ever changing needs of business, have created a template for successful business as well as nursing and athletic training programs. These programs produce 'well-rounded' graduates who are ready to take their abilities and knowledge and apply them in the workplace. In fact, the success of our programs is reflected in our excellent placement results.