Business Hall of Fame

The University of Tulsa Collins College of Business Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding business leaders and entrepreneurs whose careers exemplify both individual excellence and dedication to the success of others. Through their vision and leadership, these individuals have made lasting contributions to their companies, their communities and industries, and the University and College while providing inspiring, contemporary role models for today's business students.

The TU College of Business Administration established the Hall of Fame in 2000 and each year inducts a select few members under the designation "Outstanding Business Leader" or "Outstanding Entrepreneur".

2013 Inductees

Mike Krimbill
2013 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Mike Krimbill is the CEO of NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL), a master limited partnership (MLP) based in Tulsa.  NGL has 2,200 employees and operates four midstream energy businesses - water treatment, crude oil logistics, natural gas liquids logistics and retail propane.  The company has grown tenfold since its initial public offering (IPO) in 2011.

James C. McGill
2013 Outstanding Entrepreneur
James C. McGill (BS '65) is the chairman and CEO of two Tulsa-based companies: MacroSolve, Inc., a provider of mobile application consulting services, and Avansic: E-Discovery and Digital Forensics, a leading national provider of digital forensics services litigation support teams.

Robert A. West
2013 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Robert A. West (BSBA '61) is chief executive officer of Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc., the largest privately held drilling fluids company in the United States.  He and his son, Phil West (BS '87), purchased the 42-employee enterprise in 2005.  Today, it employs more than 400 people and is active in all makor U.S. oil and gas basins.

2012 Inductees

Jeff Davis
2012 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Jeff Davis is the CEO of United States Beef Corporation, Inc. dba Arby's and Taco Bueno.  Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States Beef Corporation is the largest franchise in the world of the Arby's Restaurant Group.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from The University of Tulsa, where he has also been honored as a University of Tulsa Distinguished Alumnus.

Judith A. Smith
2012 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Judith A. Smith is the retired owner, chairwoman and CEO of Tulsa-based Smithco, a leading designer and fabricator of heat exchangers.  Smithco Engineering Inc. doubled in value and became one of the top woman-owned companies while Judy was at the helm.  Smith's vision and business acumen led to Smithco ranking No 6 in Oklahoma and No. 84 in the country on the Diversity Business list of Top-Women-Owned Companies between 2005 and 2007.

Michael E. Wiley
2012 Outstanding Business Leader
Michael E. Wiley's career began in the rugged oil patch and blossomed behind the CEO's desk where he guided several high-profile energy businesses.  Wiley is the retired chairman, president and CEO of Baker Hughes, the world's third-largest oilfield services company.  Always believing there is not just one formula for management and leadership, Wiley approached each challenge with flexibility.  His passion was building a culture of integrity, performance and teamwork that creates value over a long period of time.

2011 Inductees

Steven J. Malcolm
2011 Outstanding Business Leader

Steven J. Malcolm is the recently retired chairman, president and chief executive officer of Tulsa-based Williams. His retirement in 2010 marked the end of a 26-year career at Williams in which he held leadership positions throughout the company, including areas encompassing business development, gas management, and midstream gathering and processing.

Robert D. Thomas
2011 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Recognized as a business leader with a big heart, Robert “Bob” Thomas believes success comes with a responsibility to give back to one’s community. As a successful owner/operator of Senior Star Living, a company that builds and manages senior housing communities across the Midwest, Bob encourages his staff throughout the company’s many locations to get involved in philanthropic activities and make a difference in their communities.

William F. Thomas
2011 Outstanding Entrepreneur

William “Bill” Thomas leads by example and inspires those around him to be their best in life and business. This mindset has been foundational to his overall success and for the past two decades has keenly guided his path toward his nationally recognized position as a leader in the senior housing industry. Bill’s wit lifts the spirits of those who surround him and underscores his positive multifaceted approach to building a successful business.

2010 Inductees

Randy A. Foutch
2010 Outstanding Entrepreneur
A modern day "wildcatter" and seasoned deal maker, Randy A. Foutch has the hard-driving work ethic and upbeat spirit required to succeed in the turbulent oil and gas business.  A geologist and petroleum engineer by training, Foutch is a West Texas native who has formed and sold several privately held oil and gas companies for large returns over the years.

Burt B. Holmes
2010 Outstanding Entrepreneur

A believer in lifelong learning, Burt B. Holmes is an accomplished entrepreneur and steadfast supporter of arts, education and community.  Mild-mannered and unassuming, Holmes has been at the center of a number of successful business ventures, including the launch of one of America's best-known convenience store chains.

G. Fulton Collins III (1943-2008)
2010 Outstanding Business Leader

Fulton Collins was a distinguished leader in business and community whose exceptional insight, energy and vision were transformational to industry and higher education.  His ability to inspire was matched only by his desire to see others thrive, as evidenced by a legacy of enhancements he spearheaded at The University of Tulsa.

2009 Inductees

John R. "Cy" Elmburg
2009 Outstanding Entrepreneur

An ordinary object in the hands of an intrepid entrepreneur can become a source of vast business opportunities. Such was the case with a drab-green, five gallon fuel container that John R. “Cy” Elmburg picked up more than 40 years ago and ultimately transformed into a bright red American icon and a diverse consumer products company.

Joseph W. Moeller
2009 Outstanding Business Leader

After graduating from TU with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum marketing, Joe Moeller would be the first to admit his business career got off to a rough start.

His problem wasn’t the usual challenge – finding employment, it was the fact he turned down what both his father and father-in-law thought was an excellent job at a big, well-known, well-established public company. Instead, Moeller surprised everyone by going to work for a small, little-known, recently formed private company called Hudson Oil.

Robert C. Poe
2009 Oustanding Business Leader

Robert C. Poe’s life is a portrait of incremental accomplishments bridged together as if by design. Such a well-plotted journey seems fitting for a mechanical engineer whose stalwart business legacy began with a two-person firm he founded in the 1960s.

Courage, common sense, and unrelenting determination are often attributed to Poe’s professional success. The same can be said for his progress in the economic development realm where he has been a lifelong champion of Oklahoma.

2008 Inductees

James M. Bird, Sr.
2008 Outstanding Entrepreneur
James McKenna Bird, Sr. - known as Jim to his loved ones and the community - passed away at the age of 90 on July 14, 2007, just a few short months before he was originally scheduled to be honored with this distinctive TU award.

Bird was a dedicated Tulsa citizen who made his mark in the business community as an innovator in oil exploration and seismic vibration equipment.

Keith E. Bailey
2008 Oustanding Business Leader

Keith Bailey's keen business instincts are matched only by his deep belief that quality education is key to sustaining a thriving, successful society.  For years, he has given his time and talent to a number of higher education boards and is involved in a range of community organizations and charitable services.

Joseph W. Craft III
2008 Outstanding Business Leader

In many ways, Joseph W. Craft III embodies the"unbridled spirit" that powers his resource-rich native state, Kentucky.  An entrepreneur, attorney and energy industry leader, Craft came to Oklahoma in 1980 where he joined MAPCO Inc. and strategically circled his business endeavors back to the nation's most productive coal fields without leaving Tulsa.

2007 Inductees

Dave Hentschel
2007 Outstanding Business Leader

Dave Hentschel spent his entire career with the same company or the successors to that company, Cities Service Company. While his career started in the petroleum engineering area, it eventually expanded to almost every operating and service area of the company.

Robert J. LaFortune
2007 Outstanding Entrepreneur

The LaFortune name has been a signature of public service and philanthropy in the Tulsa community for more than 80 years. Robert LaFortune is no exception to his family’s enduring legacy, having played a significant role in the cultural and physical development of the city of Tulsa.

2006 Inductees

King P. Kirchner
2006 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Co-founder Unit Corporation

In the 43 years since King Kirchner co-founded Unit Corporation, the company has grown from three to 116 drilling rigs and from three to 3,000 employees – more than half the population of Perry, Oklahoma, where he first set foot on an oil field.

Charles C. Stephenson, Jr.
2006 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Vintage Petroleum
Founding parter, Regent Private Capital
Co-founder, Premier Natural Resources

Charles Stephenson invested in himself when he co-founded a Tulsa-based independent energy company, Vintage Petroleum, Inc., in 1983.

John H. Williams
2006 Outstanding Business Leader

Founder, Williams Companies

John Williams comes from a family with a long entrepreneurial history – a tradition he continued when he founded the Williams Companies in 1949 with his brother Charles and cousin David, Jr.

2005 Inductees

John A. Brock
2005 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Chairman, Brighton Energy LLC,
Owner, Rockford Exploration Inc.

As the current owner of Rockford Exploration Inc., the previous owner of Medallion Petroleum Inc., and co-founder of Southport Exploration Inc., John Brock is an entrepreneur – and a successful one.

John M. Graves
2005 Outstanding Business Leader

Founder, J.M. Graves Oil Properties

Graves built a career spanning more than 50 years in oil and gas exploration and production. In exploration, he worked for Republic Exploration Company, Texas Seismograph Company, and Phillips Petroleum Company before starting his own oil and gas company, Calumet Oil Company, in 1956. Along with Tulsa-based Calumet Oil Company, Graves also led J.M. Graves LLC, JMG Oil and Gas LP, Green Country Supply Inc., Green Country Chemical, and Green Country Submersible Pumps, all in Tulsa.


James E. Wilburn
2005 Outstanding Entrepreneur

CEO & Founder, Winnercomm Inc.

Twenty-four years ago, Jim Wilburn saw an opportunity to telecast horse racing year-round. Twelve Emmy Awards later, Winnercomm is the largest independent sports production company in America, supplying more than 1,000 hours of programming annually to ESPN and 11 other national networks. Today, the native Tulsan and 1974 graduate of TU still serves as CEO and president of the Tulsa-based company, which now employs almost 200 full-time professionals and 2,000 subcontractors.


2004 Inductees

C. Arnold Brown
2004 Outstanding Entrepreneur

President and CEO, KWB Oil Property Management, Inc.

As CEO, president and founding partner of KWB Oil Property Management, Inc., C. Arnold Brown (BSPE ’50) bills himself simply as "petroleum engineer." The billing reflects his work ethic and his background. (Mr. Brown was inducted into the TU Engineering Hall of Fame in 1996.)

William E. Lobeck
2004 Outstanding Business Leader
President and CEO, Vanguard Car Rental USA

For the past 40 years, William E. "Bill" Lobeck has steered companies in the fast-moving auto rental industry. His latest move has been relocating his company, Vanguard Car Rental USA, Inc., from Fort Lauderdale to Tulsa — part of an effort to energize its newly acquired National and Alamo brands.


2003 Inductees

Joseph Cappy
2003 Outstanding Business Leader

Chairman and CEO, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

Joseph Cappy has served as chairman and chief executive officer of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group since 1997, when the car rental company was spun off from Chrysler in an initial public offering. He had overseen Chrysler’s car rental units, which included Snappy Rent A Car, since 1993.

Roger Hardesty
2003 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Founder and Chairman, United States Aviation Co.,
Owner, Mid-Continent/Midco Concrete Companies,
CEO, Alliance Transportation

Roger Hardesty is founder and chairman of Tulsa-based United States Aviation Company, a charter and aircraft management firm with worldwide operating authority. He also owns and oversees Mid-Continent/Midco Concrete Companies, one of Oklahoma’s largest ready-mix concrete producers, and he is CEO of Alliance Transportation, a Tulsa-based trucking company.

Genave King Rogers
2003 Outstanding Business Leader


Tulsa investor Genave King Rogers has single-handedly managed a diverse and growing portfolio of investments since the 1974 death of her husband, Tulsa attorney Leslie Rogers. Her love of challenge, natural curiosity and ingrained independence have helped her become an insightful and opportunistic investor.


2002 Inductees

Chester Cadieux
2002 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Chairman, President & Co-Founder, QuikTrip Corp.

Cadieux is chairman, president and co-founder of QuikTrip Corporation, a privately held regional gasoline and convenience store operation headquartered in Tulsa since 1958. With annual sales in excess of $3 billion, QuikTrip operates nearly 400 stores, with major markets in Tulsa, Kansas City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

Michael D. Case
2002 Outstanding Entrepreneur
Chairman & Founder, Case & Associates Properties, Inc.

Case formed Case & Associates Properties Inc., a regional real estate investment company, in 1983. The company owns and operates shopping centers and office buildings in northeastern Oklahoma and more than 23,000 apartment units in six states. The company has more than 600 employees in eight cities throughout the southern United States.

Raymond H. Siegfried II
2002 Outstanding Business Leader
Chairman, The Nordam Group

Siegfried is chairman of the board of the Nordam Group, an international aviation service and manufacturing company. He has overseen the growth of the company since he acquired it out of bankruptcy in 1969. Today, Nordam comprises six divisions with facilities on three continents and a staff of more than 2,600.


2001 Inductees

James W. Pielsticker(1938-2001)
2001 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Chairman & CEO, Arrow Trucking Co.

Jim Pielsticker graduated from Tulsa Central High School and then the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in 1960. He later graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law (LL.B.) in 1963. He served two years in the Transportation Corps of the U.S. Army in Germany, and practiced law in Tulsa for one year prior to purchasing Arrow Trucking Company in 1968. At that time, Arrow served 7 states with 5 trucks. Since then, it has grown into the largest trucking firm based in Oklahoma with over 1,400 trucks and 2,500 trailers operating in the 48 Continental States, Canada and Mexico.

William K. Warren, Jr.
2001 Outstanding Business Leader

Chairman, Warren American Oil Co.
Chairman, The William K. Warren Foundation

Mr. Warren is Chairman of the Board of The William K. Warren Foundation and Chairman of the Board of Warren American Oil Company. His varied business interests involve oil and gas exploration, production, real estate, and investments. He has owned and operated various cellular telephone businesses.

John S. “Jack” Zink
2001 Outstanding Business Leader

Chairman & President (Ret.),
John Zink Co., Founder, ZEECO, Inc.
Chairman, John Steele Zink Foundation

As Chairman and President of the John Zink Company, which was founded by Mr. Zink’s father in the early 1930s, Jack grew the company into an international corporation, establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico, England, Holland, Germany, France, and Italy. Mr. Zink’s entire career has been involved in manufacturing and engineering and he authored 35 patents on combustion and other equipment. After he engineered the sale of the John Zink Company, Mr. Zink founded ZEECO, Inc., in 1980. ZEECO is a worldwide corporation which designs and manufactures combustion equipment used in the petroleum refining and chemical processing industries worldwide. It also manufactures precision parts for the aerospace industry and molded fluoropolymer products for industry.


2000 Inductees

Paula Marshall-Chapman
2000 Outstanding Business Leader

Chief Executive Officer, The Bama Companies

Paula Marshall-Chapman is a Tulsa native who has served as the CEO of The Bama Companies since 1984. She received her bachelor of science in business and her doctorate of commercial science from Oklahoma City University.

Robert E. Lorton, Jr.
2000 Outstanding Business Leader

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, World Publishing Company
Publisher, Tulsa World


Robert E. Lorton, Jr. is a Tulsa native who is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of World Publishing Company and Publisher of the Tulsa World. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in print/broadcast journalism from The University of Tulsa.

Peter C. Meinig
2000 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
HM International, Inc.

Peter C. Meinig has served as the Chairman and CEO of HM International, Inc., since 1979. He received his bachelor of mechanical engineering degree from Cornell University and his master of business administration degree from Harvard University.

Henry H. Zarrow
2000 Outstanding Entrepreneur

Chairman, Zarrow Holding Company
Zarrow Family Office, L.L.C.

Henry Zarrow is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the chairman of the Zarrow Holding Company.

Zarrow currently serves on the boards of the American Bank of Tulsa, Bank One, Indian Nations Council of Boy Scouts, Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, Saint Francis Health System, Saint Francis Hospital, Salvation Army, and the Warren Cancer Research Foundation. He is an emeritus member of The University of Tulsa Board of Trustees.