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cba group Collins College of Business at The University of Tulsa offers both business and health science degrees.

Genave King Rogers Business Law Center

The Business Law Center allows business students to study business law at a much higher level than is typically the case.

cba teacherThe Genave King Rogers Business Law Center is a nationally and internationally recognized resource unique to the University of Tulsa. Named for Genave Rogers, who in 1938, was the first woman to graduate from the University of Tulsa Business College, the Genave King Rogers Business Law Center provides resources enabling the Collins College of Business to offer world-class business law educational opportunities singular to the University of Tulsa.

Through the Center’s working relationships with the University of Tulsa, Boesche Legal Clinic and the Family Owned Business Institute, business law students have the opportunity to work with members of the business community on real projects of actual value to the businesses, thereby enhancing the students’ education while expanding their networking opportunities as well.

Each year, top business law students are selected to travel, all expenses paid by the Center, with the Director of the Center to attend the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association conference, giving students the experience of attending professional meetings and making important contacts within the ABA.

Business Law students have the opportunity to take International Business Law, which includes a ten-day international trip, the cost of which is largely underwritten by the Center, to give students a truly global educational experience.

Each year, at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, an outstanding undergraduate research paper is recognized. An award for the student author has been established in the name of Genave Rogers and the University of Tulsa. The award includes a monetary gift along with a commemorative plaque. The competition is open to students nation-wide, and TU Business Law students are mentored in order to be highly competitive.

The Genave King Rogers Business Law Center promotes the Business Law Specialization under the Management Degree program within the Collins College of Business. This degree is selected by two types of students. First are the students who plan to go into business upon graduation, and recognize that whether they are running their own businesses or working for someone else, every business decision they make must comply with the legal system. Thus, they want as much business law education as possible, which also makes them attractive candidates to employers seeking employees who are knowledgeable about avoiding legal liability. Second are students who are planning to go to law school and want a business undergraduate degree. This is a smart choice due to the fact that if they ultimately open their own law firm, they will be running a business, a process not taught in law school. Further, many of their future clients will be businesses, and they will need to thoroughly understand business in order to successfully advise and represent their business clients.

Courses offered under the Business Law Specialization include:

  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Employment Law
  • International Business Law
  • Oil and Gas and Environmental Law
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Law for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Real Property
  • Business Law for Entrepreneurs and Family Owned Business


Students can choose from a wide range of degree programs that are flexible enough to be tailored to the interests of the individual student while providing students with the competitive edge needed to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

The college provides an atmosphere that encourages individual success and programs that are innovative and revised as employers' needs change.
• All college programs are fully accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting body for each area of study. Click here for more information.
• The Williams Risk Management Center provides our students with a lifelike laboratory (complete with stock ticker boards, extensive financial databases, Bloomberg terminals, computers, and computer software) where students can apply and extend the knowledge they have gained in the classroom.
• Our internationally recognized faculty is committed to providing their students with the best educational experience possible by sharing their talents, interests, knowledge, and vision with the students in and out of the classroom.
• Students have many opportunities to participate in research projects. One such opportunity is through the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) program. Click here for more information.
• Many student internships are arranged each year. These working programs provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience and often lead to permanent employment after graduation.
• Our low student-faculty ratio of 11-1 and small class sizes (on average 19 students per class) give students an incredible opportunity to work closely with professors and instructors in and out of the classroom.
• TU is the cofounder of the business enterprise school in Zelenograd, Russia, the first foreign-sponsored school to be approved and funded by the Russian higher education authorities. Exchange programs are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.
• All business and health science students have opportunities to study abroad and participate in international study experiences. In addition, the College offers an undergraduate International Business and Language degree.
• To enhance our students' educational experience, as well as build skills and confidence, the College provides labs to enhance student learning.
• The Student Investment Fund provides students with an opportunity to invest real money in an environment similar to that of an investment management firm.
• Students may participate in a large variety of student organizations that supplement the their coursework, while providing community service and professional networking opportunities.
• The Center for Executive & Professional Development provides a variety of professional development programs for corporate clients and individuals. In addition, the Center creates customized programs on a broad range of topics for their corporate clients.
• The Family-Owned Business Institute is the only resource center of its kind in the region. The institute offers programs to meet the needs of multigenerational family businesses and a specialized management degree focusing on family-owned business issues.
• The Genave King Rogers Business Law Center supports a specialized management degree focusing on business law and provides resources for both our on-campus and Tulsa business communities.
• Friends of Finance is a professional organization that brings leading executives to the TU campus to share their knowledge and explore important business issues.