Our Academic Approach

In the Collins College of Business, we don't simply teach business or health care concepts; we prepare our students to use what they learn to become valuable members of their future employer's team.

Business Approach

In our business programs, we emphasize teamwork and technology, and we help our students develop expertise in a wide range of business software applications. An international perspective is blended throughout the curriculum and students are prepared to conduct business wherever their business takes them.

To provide its students with an environment that encourages personal success, the College strives to maintain low student-to-faculty ratios in its classes and of course, classes taught by full time college faculty. None of its undergraduate or graduate courses are taught by graduate assistants.

Technology is another major component of business today. Therefore, each student is provided with numerous opportunities for hands-on experiences with the latest business software and technology. Students have three computer laboratories available for their use as well as multi-media classrooms for use in student team meetings, presentations, and projects.

Additionally, through other unique classroom experiences, valuable internships and community service business projects, our students receive a 'well rounded' education which prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Health Sciences Approach

The School of Nursing's position within the Collins College of Business provides a distinct advantage for its students since health care is a business, and nursing is responsible for the management of patient care. Each nursing student is required to earn nine credits in business related courses and is provided with opportunities for international study as well. As part of their intensive classroom work, students are taught the communications skills and cultural diversity knowledge that have become so vital to nursing in a changing world. The personal learning experience is also enhanced by an on-campus skills laboratory which affords students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the classroom in a setting that simulates the health care problems they will face in the real world.

The Athletic Training program combines structured classroom and clinical experiences which prepare students to assume positions in athletic training and secondary education, or to take advantage of additional educational opportunities such as graduate school. Clinical experiences are obtained from hours spent in clinical rotations. These rotations include working with collegiate and professional sports teams, local high schools, and sports medicine clinics.