Nursing Advising

The School of Nursing advises nursing majors. Each student is assigned a nursing faculty member as an advisor. Advisors will send e-mails notifying students of advising and enrollment times. Faculty post lists of additional office hours for advising throughout the year.

For more information about nursing programs of study, visit the School of Nursing site.

Special note for downloading documents: downloadable documents on this website are in PDF format. Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here to download a copy of the current (2014) Degree Plan.

Can I take classes at another institution that will transfer here?

There are some important restrictions that apply to transfer credit. University policy states that the last 45 credit hours toward graduation must be taken in residence at The University of Tulsa. To ensure transferability, students should seek approval prior to enrolling in the course from the Director of the School of Nursing. Make an appointment by calling 631-3116 and bring a copy of the course description from the catalog/bulletin for review. However, the School of Nursing has identified transferable courses from Tulsa Community College. These course equivalencies have already been approved and do not require approval before enrollment.

Click here to download a copy of the TCC Transfer sheet.

After completing the course, be sure to send an official copy of your transcript to The University of Tulsa.

What is my class standing?

You are a TU freshman if you have one to twenty-nine credit hours completed. TU Sophomore standing is from thirty to fifty-nine credit hours, juniors from sixty to eighty-nine; and seniors ninety or more credit hours. However, your School of Nursing class standing is determined by the level classes in which you are enrolled. Students in Level I courses are Sophomores, Level II courses are Juniors and Level III courses are Seniors. You may enroll according to your TU class standing rather than the School of Nursing class standing.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions about course selection and educational planning?

You may contact your faculty advisor to coordinate your education experience and assist you in your planning, as well as refer you to other departments and services on campus as needed.

What is the procedure for dropping a course?

A course may be dropped during the first two weeks of a semester with no academic penalty. Academic penalty refers to the fact that there will be no entry on your transcript. To drop a course during this time period, you must complete the Drop/Add Form available from the School of Nursing office. The form requires the signature of your advisor.

What consequences should be considered before withdrawing from a course(s)?

Course withdrawals are treated as a serious matter that requires advisor/student interaction. Students must see their advisor when they need to withdraw from a course. Withdrawal from a course may delay a student's progression in the nursing curriculum by a semester or a year. In addition to the advisor's signature, the instructor's signature is required to withdraw after the first three weeks of the semester. No withdrawals are permitted after the 12th week of the semester. Within the period that withdrawals are permitted (4th through 12th week), there will be a transcript entry of either "W" or "WF". The instructor of the course makes the W or WF determination. A W has no impact on the GPA, while a WF impacts the GPA the same as an F. If withdrawing from a course reduces the total hours for the semester to less than 12, there are also financial aid implications and in the case of international students, visa status implications. Students should check with those offices for additional information.

How do I obtain a minor course of study?

Minors are determined by the department and requirements are listed in the University Bulletin. Your advisor can assist you with meeting these requirements or may refer you to the department for additional advising. In order for the minor to appear on your transcript, you must declare the minor and complete the "Change of Major Form" (completing the minor section only). The most common minors selected by nursing majors are in business, early interventions, psychology, or music.