Spring 2010

FDIC - April 19, 2010

FDIC RecruitersFDIC has INTERNSHIPS! FDIC is an independent agency of the Federal government that was created in 1933. Since January 1, 1934, no depositor that has been backed by FDIC insurance has lost insured funds as a result of a failure. The mission of the FDIC is to maintain stability and public confidence in the Nation’s financial system by insuring deposits, examining and supervising financial institutions, and managing receiverships. Khader Shaheen, Financial Institutions Examiner and Corporate Recruiter for FDIC, was available in the first floor lobby of Helmerich Hall to meet with students. He was joined by Marilyn Medina, Supervisory Examiner, also of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Working Better in Teams - April 9, 2010

Participants in Teambuilding exerciseFrustrated with your team projects? Teams are a part of the business reality and we can’t escape them! Cheri Lindle, Consultant for Teams, has over 20 years of training and development. Cheri was the facilitator of the Working Better in Teams workshop for Accounting and Management Information Systems students. The individual and group skills obtained at the workshop will give the students an edge to perform better in TU classes and at their future jobs!

Mock Interviews-Speed Dating Style - April 6, 2010

Mock InterviewsPractice, practice, practice. The resume gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job. Business Career Development offered this workshop to give students the opportunity to interact with 8 employers from 7 different companies, while being exposed to different interviewing styles as well as a chance to have their resume reviewed. The volunteers were from Bank of Oklahoma, Budco, Inc., First National Bank & Trust Company of Okmulgee, Grant Thornton, Keener Oil & Gas, Mazzio’s, and Williams. Mayor Dewey Bartlett was also in attendance. It was a great way to prepare for the Career Fair the next day.

Association Member Benefits Advisors -                  March 31, 2010

This company is not what you might expect! Association Member Benefits Advisors is a company out of Austin, TX whose clients are already established. Art Dunham, Regional Vice President of Association Member Benefits Advisors, was available in the lobby of Helmerich Hall to answer questions about the company. AMBA is a nationwide, full-service agency that focuses on plan design, negotiations, and implementation of benefit programs for associations. Positions are still available in Oklahoma.

ConocoPhillips Employer Visit - March 23, 2010

ConocoPhillips Employer Visit 3-23-2010Interested in learning what it would be like to work for a Top 5 Company in the Fortune 500? Representatives from ConocoPhillips were in Helmerich Hall to tell you about it. ConocoPhillips hosted an information session where students could visit with several employees from the company.

Securian Advisors MidAmerica - March 8, 2010

Securian Advisors Mid-AmericaIs the Financial Planning industry for you?  Melody McCloud, Director of Recruiting at Securian Advisors MidAmerica, visited Helmerich Hall so students could learn more about Securian Advisors MidAmerica.  She was joined by Pat Donica, partner with Securian, during lunch and Information Session.  Students were able to find out what makes their company different from their competition and gain knowledge of their comprehensive line of products and services. 

Majors & Career Day - March 3, 2010

Major and Career DayBusiness Career Development and Undergraduate Advising hosted the first annual Collins College of Business Majors and Career Day in Helmerich Hall.  All TU students were invited to attend the event.  The purpose was to provide students with more information about the majors offered by Collins College of Business and find out about careers related to the majors.  Faculty, alumni and students were available to talk with students.  Also available to students were staff members from Business Career Development, Graduate Business Programs, Undergraduate Advising, and Career Services. 

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network -                March 1, 2010

Northwest Mutual Finance NetworkThe Collins College of Business students had a second chance this academic school year to visit with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.  Amie Ziehm, Development Coordinator, visited with students in the lobby of Helmerich Hall.  Paul Iskat, Director of Selection, then gave a presentation about Northwestern Mutual, informing students of internships and full-time employment opportunities with the company.  BusinessWeek ranks Northwestern Mutual Financial Network as one of the “Best Internships of 2009”. 

Employer Panel - February 24, 2010

Employer Panel“Do you know what employers are looking for in candidates?”  Business Career Development created a panel with recruiters from Bank of Oklahoma, eMerge, KPMG, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and Williams.   Students attended the Employer Panel workshop to hear first-hand what employers are looking for in candidates.  Following the panel presentations, employers took time to answer questions and visit with the students.  It was a great way to network with employers.

Premier Advisors Group - February 4, 2010

Premier Advisors GroupDid you know that 49% of the U.S. workers have saved less than $25,000 for retirement?  Premier Advisors Group, a financial planning firm, visited Helmerich Hall to talk with business students about their company and the financial planning industry.  Students had the opportunity to visit with Mike Hulse in the lobby of Helmerich Hall followed by an information session.  You can visit their web site at www.premieradvisorsgrp.com.

Spring Welcome Back - January 11-13, 2010

Spring Welcome Back Table - January 2010The Business Career Development office set up a Welcome Back table in the lobby of Helmerich Hall.  This was an opportunity to meet the staff, schedule an appointment, have your resume reviewed and pick up some refreshments.  Information was provided about upcoming workshops and events, as well as job opportunities.  The Business Career Development office is available to help with your resume, cover letter, mock interview, job search and much more.  We look forward to working with you.


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