What Can You Do With a Business Major?

While your college degree is the most important goal, a major can play an important role in helping provide you with direction towrd a successful career.  Connecting a major to a career is a challenge for many students and your major doesn't always determine your career.  You should explore and learn about a wide range of opportunities by researching the majors that are offerred.  Talk with advisors, faculty, students and employers concerning majors that interest you.  Below you will find a list of majors linking to information to help you start the process.

  • Accounting Major Information
  • Athletic Training Information 
  • Economics Major Information 
  • Energy Management Major Information 
  • Finance Major Information 
  • International Business & Language Major Information 
  • Management Major Information 
  • Marketing Major Information 
  • Managment Information Systems Major Information 
  • Management Business Law 
  • Management Entrepreneurship 
  • Management Human Resources
  • Nursing Major Information 

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