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What is Studio Blue?

Studio Blue is a one-of-a-kind resource at Collins College of Business designed to give TU students practice employing the creative process by solving real-world problems. Studio Blue’s benefits are two-fold: students learn to harness their innovative abilities; and actual problems are solved for companies, non-profits and other organizations. 

Studio Blue first opened in the Summer of 2008 and has already been involved with a number of projects for different organizations. Among the projects are:

  • Gilcrease Museum - A student team in a graduate class conducted qualitative research and developed psychographic segments for the museum; Student teams in an undergraduate class developed several proposals for revamping the museum's retail store.
  • Resonance - A team of graduate students developed training materials for its CertiRestore (furniture restoration) franchise.
  • Mazzio's Innovation Challenge - A campus-wide contest in Fall 2008 where student teams competed to create solutions for how to create value out of outdated pizza boxes.
  • Creative Juices Competition - In conjunction with Entrepreneurship faculty, Studio Blue assisted teams of TU students in a national competition sponsored in part by Google.
  • Numerous student projects for not-for-profit organizations in various classes.
  • Social Innovation Challenge - A competition with student teams from universities across the state in Spring 2009 in which teams attempted to develop innovative ideas and solutions to a major social issue facing Oklahoma.