Faculty and Staff

The success of many organizations begins with people. This is particularly true in a university setting, where highly motivated individuals drive the discovery and exchange of knowledge with wide-ranging research interests and talents. With this dynamic at work, Collins College of Business has assembled an exceptional faculty and staff team tailored to meet the diverse academic and career goals of its students. Our team is committed to educating and mentoring students for high-level business opportunities in the professional world.

 Name  Title  Phone  Email
Judy Adair Program Coordinator, Friends of Finance 918-631-2588 judy-adair@utulsa.edu
Linda Adlof Director, Center for Executive &
Professional Developement
918-631-2784 linda-adlof@utulsa.edu
Carol Alix Director of Fiscal Affairs and Special Projects 918-631-2220 carol-alix@utulsa.edu
Rick Arrington Assistant Dean, Collins College of Business 918-631-2214 rick-arrington@utulsa.edu
Sal Aurigemma Assistant Professor of MIS 918-631-3698 sal-aurigemma@utulsa.edu
Akhilesh Bajaj Professor of MIS, Chapman Endowed Chair in MIS 918-631-2786 akhilesh-bajaj@utulsa.edu
Tonya Ballone-Walton Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing 918-631-2902 tonya-ballone-walton@utulsa.edu
Tami Barrett Enrollment Management Coordinator 918-631-3211 tami-barrett@utulsa.edu
Patty Bick Assistant Professor of Finance 918-631-2946 patty-bick@utulsa.edu
Adrien Bouchet Assistant Professor, Warren Clinic Endowed Chair of Sports Administration 918-631-2943 adrien-bouchet@utulsa.edu
Wray Bradley Associate Professor of Accounting 918-631-2792 wray-bradley@utulsa.edu
Richard Burgess Director of the School of Finance, Operations Management and International Business
Professor of Finances
918-631-3067 richard-burgess@utulsa.edu
John Caruso Professor, Athletic Training/Exercise & Sports Science 918-631-2924 john-caruso@utulsa.edu
Brian Chabowski Associate Professor of Marketing 918-631-2953 brian-chabowski@utulsa.edu
Ashley Chapa Marketing & Communication Manager, Graduate Business Programs 918-631-3660 ashley-chapa@utulsa.edu
Wen Chiang Professor of Operations Management 918-631-2939 wen-chyuan-chiang@utulsa.edu
Lynn Clutter Assistant Professor, Nursing 918-631-2921 lynn-clutter@utulsa.edu
Tim Coburn Director of Master of Energy Business, Professor of Energy & Operations Management 918-631-3123 tim-coburn@utulsa.edu
Brice Collier Applied Assistant Professor of Finance 918-631-3661 brice-collier@utulsa.edu
J. Markham Collins Edward E. and Helen T. Bartlett Foundation Professor of Business, Coordinator of International Business Programs 918-631-2783 mark-collins@utulsa.edu
Chris Compton Simulation & Computer Specialist, School of Nursing 918-631-3125 chris-compton@utulsa.edu
Claire Cornell Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship 918-631-2684 claire-cornell@utulsa.edu
Karen Cravens Chapman Professor of Accounting/Director, School of Accounting and MIS 918-631-2790 karen-cravens@utulsa.edu
Tawny Crone Program Coordinator, Business Career Center 918-631-2216 tawny-crone@utulsa.edu
Matthew Crook Assistant Professor of Finance 918-631-2218 matthew-crook@utulsa.edu
Sherry Dake Department Assistant, Management and Marketing 918-631-3217 sherry-dake@utulsa.edu
Jan Drummond Associate Professor, Athletic Training 918-631-2931 jan-drummond@utulsa.edu
Jennie Dugger Program Coordinator, School of Accounting and MIS 918-631-3194 jennie-dugger@utulsa.edu
Chris Ellers Computer Systems Specialist 918-631-3175 chris-ellers@utulsa.edu
Tally Ferguson Adjunct Instructor in Finance 918-631-2949 tferguson@bokf.com
Mario Fisher Systems Administrator 918-631-2087 mario@utulsa.edu
Caroline Fox Assistant Dean, Business Career Center 918-631-2072 caroline-fox@utulsa.edu
Greg Gardner Associate Director of the School of Nursing for Athletic Training and Exercise & Sports Science 918-631-2316 greg-gardner@utulsa.edu
Richard Gebhart Applied Associate Professor of Operations Management 918-631-2536 richard-gebhart@utulsa.edu
Deborah Greubel Associate Director of School of Nursing 918-631-2920 deb-greubel@utulsa.edu
Peggy Hancock Program Coordinator, Center for Executive & Professional Development 918-631-2215 peggy-hancock@utulsa.edu
Donald Hansen Genave King Rogers Energy Law Executive-in-Residence 918-631-2082 don-hansen@utulsa.edu
Helen Hansen Director of School of Nursing 918-631-2918 helen-hansen@utulsa.edu
Jill Hough Associate Professor of Management 918-631-3221 jill-hough@utulsa.edu
Ralph Jackson Chair, Management & Marketing Department 918-631-2407 ralph-jackson@utulsa.edu
Ted Jacobs Director, Energy Management Center 918-631-3588 ted-jacobs@utulsa.edu
Larry Johnson Associate Professor of Finance 918-631-2956 larry-johnson@utulsa.edu
Merry Kelly-Rehm Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing 918-631-3389 merry-beeson@utulsa.edu
Patty Kitchen Director of Admission & Enrollment,
Graduate Business Programs
918-631-3296 patty@utulsa.edu
Mary Dana Laird Assistant Professor of Management 918-631-3205 mary-laird@utulsa.edu
Lori Leonard Professor of MIS 918-631-2787 lori-leonard@utulsa.edu
Carla Lynch Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing 918-631-2718 carla-lynch@utulsa.edu
Anila Madhan Assistant Professor of Finance 918-631-2946 anila-madhan@utulsa.edu
Tracy Manly Associate Professor of Accounting 918-631-3992 tracy-manly@utulsa.edu
Alesia Martin Assistant to the Associate Dean 918-631-2242 alesia-martin@utulsa.edu
Barbara Martin Clinical Professor of Nursing 918-631-2930 barbara-martin@utuls.edu
Rhonda Martin Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing 918-631-2922 rhonda-martin@utulsa.edu
Anna McColl Applied Assistant Professor of Accounting 918-631-2789 anna-mccoll@utulsa.edu
Mike McCrary Applied Associate Professor of Accounting 918-631-2793 michael-mccrary@utulsa.edu
Jose Miranda Lopez Assistant Professor of Accounting 918-631-2794 jose-mirandalopez@utulsa.edu
Calvin Moniz Senior Director of Development 918-631-3111 calvin-moniz@utulsa.edu
Lee Ann Nichols Associate Professor of Nursing 918-631-2934 lee-nichols@utulsa.edu
Linda M. Nichols Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Business Programs, Collins Professor of Accounting 918-631-2428 linda-nichols@utulsa.edu
Wendy Palmer Department Assistant II, School of Nursing 918-631-3116 wendy-palmer@utulsa.edu
Jeff Paul Assistant Professor of Management 918-631-2944 jeff-paul@utulsa.edu
Steve Platner Applied Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems 918-631-2945 steve-platner@utulsa.edu
Robin Ploeger Clinical Associate Professor of Athletic Training 918-631-3170 robin-ploeger@utulsa.edu
David Poth Adjunct Instructor of Marketing 918-631-3217 david-poth@utulsa.edu
Laurie Rankin Assistant to the Director, School of Nursing 918-631-2509 laurie-rankin@utulsa.edu
Art Rasher Associate Professor of Management 918-631-2862 arasher@utulsa.edu
Linda Reins Department Assistant, Finance and Operations Management 918-631-2949 linda-reins@utulsa.edu
Amber Remke Communications Specialist 918-631-3609 amber-remke@utulsa.edu
Ron Ripple Mervin Bovaird Professor of Energy Business and Finance 918-631-3659 ron-ripple@utulsa.edu
Steve Rockwell Associate Professor of Accounting 918-631-2938 stephen-rockwell@utulsa.edu
Bob Russell Collins Professor of Operations Management 918-631-3135 rrussell@utulsa.edu
Saeed Samiee Collins Professor of Marketing 918-631-2019 saeed-samiee@utulsa.edu
Karen Santee Assistant to the Dean 918-631-3184 karen-santee@utulsa.edu
Terry Saunders Assistant to the Director, Energy Management Center 918-631-3587 terry-saunders@utulsa.edu
Jim Senese Applied Assistant Professor of Management 918-631-2941 jim-senese@utulsa.edu
Tom Seng Applied Assistant Professor of Energy Business 918-631-2785 tom-seng@utulsa.edu
Nancy Shelton Web Administrator 918-631-3215 nancy-shelton@utulsa.edu
Roger Stern NEPI Research Assistant Professor of Energy 918-631-6372 roger-stern@utulsa.edu
Kathleen Strunk Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing 918-631-2929 kathleen-strunk@utulsa.edu
Gale Sullenberger Dean, Collins College of Business 918-631-2051 gale-sullenberger@utulsa.edu
Samantha Summers Clinical Assistant Professor of Athletic Training 918-631-2678 samantha-summers@utulsa.edu
Li Sun Assistant Professor of Accounting 918-631-2791 li-sun@utulsa.edu
Mindy Thompson Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing 918-631-2928 mindy-thompson@utulsa.edu
Mike Troilo Assistant Professor of International Business 918-631-2998 mike-troilo@utulsa.edu
Tim Urban J. Bradley Oxley Endowed Chair in Business 918-631-2230 timothy-urban@utulsa.edu
Ron Walker Clinical Assistant Professor of Athletic Training 918-631-3240 ron-walker@utulsa.edu
Brian Walkup Assistant Professor of Finance 918-631-2933 brian-walkup@utulsa.edu
Jason West Clinical Assistant Professor of Exercise & Sports Science 918-631-3113 jowest@utulsa.edu
Eric Wickel Associate Professor of Exercise & Sports Science 918-631-2677 eric-wickel@utulsa.edu
Cristina Smith Williams Program Coordinator, Master of Energy Business 918-631-3625 cristina-smithwilliams@utulsa.edu
Larry Wofford Davis D. Bovaird Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies 918-631-3673 larry-wofford@utulsa.edu
Charlie Wood Associate Professor of Marketing 918-631-2281 charles-wood@utulsa.edu
Jim Zboja Assistant Professor of Marketing 918-631-2054 jim-zboja@utulsa.edu


José Miranda Lopez

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor Accounting

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