Management Major

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with a major in general management provides a basic understanding of issues in organizational behavior, negotiation, and managerial functions. This degree is for those seeking employment as a manager or planning on pursuing a graduate degree. Within the management degree, students may choose either this general management option, or one of three specializations: Business Law, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management, or Human Resource Management.

Requirements for a Management major (with no specialization): Each student must complete the basic requirements for a B.S.B.A. in addition to the requirements listed below:

Management Core (6 hours):

  • MGT 3063 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 4023 - Negotiation and Management Skills

Management Electives (12 hours) - electives are selected in consultation with the management department chair
    Management 3000-4000 level electives

Total Requirements: 18 Hours

Management Specializations

Human Resource Management (18 hours)

This specialization was designed to assist in the development of the skills needed to handle positions in human resource and personnel departments. The curriculum includes the study of personnel management issues such as hiring, training and development, compensation, performance evaluation, and employee retention. Other areas of study include employee rights, policies related to the applicability of drug testing, lay-offs, and employer rights such as privacy and security. Students also learn about effective communication skills, the requisite laws concerning employer-employee relations, conflict management, and counseling.


Management Core   6
BL 3033 - Employment Law  3
MGT 3103 - Human Resource Management  3

Management electives at 3000-4000 level:
Choose two from: BL 4113 (Business Law for Entrepreneurs
and Family-Owned Businesses); MGT 3143, 4013, 4033,
4053, 4203; PSY 3073; or COM 3943


Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management (18 hours)

This specialization was developed for entrepreneurs as well as family business owners. Family-owned businesses are the foundation of a stable economy, yet, they encounter unique problems as a result of family conflicts, the lack of succession planning and complex estate planning. We believe that education is vital for a family business to successfully continue to remain in family hands. Our courses help owners to identify, comprehend, and develop solutions for challenges in the family business field.
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Management Core   6
MGT 4033 - Family-Owned Business Management  3
MGT 4053 - Entrepreneurship   3
MGT 4203 - Venture Startup Evaluation   3
Management electives at 3000-4000 level:
Choose one from: BL 3033 (Employment Law), or BL 4113
(Business Law for Entrepreneurs andFamily-Owned
Businesses); MGT 3103, 3143, 4013, or 4973 

Business Law (18 hours)

The Business Law specialization has been created in response to a real need in the business sector for graduates with a broader background in law. Students are finding that they not only need this information to assist in their professional careers, but also in their personal lives. Our students learn about tort and criminal law, contracts, property, wills, law for entrepreneurs, family-owned business and small business, ethics, and social responsibility.
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Management Core   6
BL 3033 - Employment Law   3
BL 41113 - Business Law for Entrepreneurs and
Family-Owned Businesses
Management electives at 3000-4000 level:
Choose one from: MGT 3103, 3143, 4013, 4033,
4053, 4203 
Law related elective:
Choose one from: MGT 4013 (prerequisites are MGT 3003
and MKTG 3003); SOC 4013 (prerequisites are SOC 1033,
2123, or permission of instructor); or a Law course with