Applied Innovation Certificate and The Nova Fellowship

Two opportunities were launched in Fall 2012 that are designed to help any TU student better prepare for their future careers.  They cross disciplines, and will help you tackle real-life challenges that you care about.  No matter what your major is, after graduation you will develop your career within an organization of some kind.  So we set up the Applied Innovation Certificate and The Nova Fellowship to help you prepare.  Both are intentionally cross-disciplinary, project-focused, and tailored to your interests.  They are unique opportunities to join a community of TU students, faculty, and professionals from all majors and backgrounds who are interested in innovation, and want to do something truly unique and meaningful in the community.

The Applied Innovation Certificate consists of 15 hours of coursework and hands-on projects that will teach you the tools used by professionals to research needs and develop innovative solutions to problems. The courses have been designed to minimize prerequisites; this allows any student at any level to join in. Along the way you’ll receive direct coaching as you try your hand at running an actual enterprise with a team of fellow students, and you’ll develop a portfolio of your work to show potential employers. The capstone course allows you to implement a project of your own creation while under the guidance of a team of faculty and local professionals. You’ll then present your work to friends of TU in the Tulsa community at a culminating event. Start the Certificate any time you’re ready!

For students who want to take their higher education even higher, we offer The Nova Fellowship. The students selected for this fellowship pursue the Applied Innovation Certificate and receive additional resources, mentoring, experience, and the use of an iPad3. There are slots reserved for 8-10 students from each TU undergraduate college. We invite you to apply today to take advantage of this unique opportunity - application deadlines are August 1, October 15, and April 5 each year.

Please go to to view a 1-minute video and learn more.

Courses in the Applied Innovation Certificate (15 hours)

BUS 1013 - Business & Society
MKTG 2013 - Innovation and Qualitative Methods
MGT 2973 - The Entrepreneurial Experience
MGT 3503 - Student Practicum

Plus one 3000-level or 4000-level elective chosen with the cosultation of the student's advisig office and the certficate director - e.g., MGT 4193 - Social Entrepreneurship; ME 4863 - Special Topics in Design' ART 3443 - Digital Painting with Photoshop