TU to Offer New Energy Management Degree

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Program Prepares Students for Energy Management in Petroleum and Beyond

Starting this fall, The University of Tulsa’s College of Business Administration will offer a new interdisciplinary program with a focus on energy and business.

"The Energy Management degree not only takes advantage of TU’s strategic location, but also the University’s strong reputation for excellence in petroleum engineering, business, geology and law," said Ted Jacobs, director of TU’s Energy Management Program. "It packages those strengths into an energy-focused business degree that will be second to none."

The program will be part of TU’s Center for Energy Management, which is one of only five such centers in the United States and the only one offered at a private institution. The TU Board of Trustees recently approved the degree to be offered starting this fall.

Jacobs said students graduating from TU’s Energy Management Program would earn a diversified degree that empowers them to adapt to different energy platforms. The unique curriculum allows students the choice of pursuing concentrations in either the upstream (exploration & production) or midstream (marketing and trading of energy commodities) sectors of the energy industry.

Given TU’s strategic location, and the support it receives from Tulsa’s diverse energy industry, the program will provide students with industry-related internships to compliment the knowledge gained through energy-based courses in the curriculum.

"Energy companies are looking for the next generation of business-minded innovators who will take the industry to the next level," said Jacobs. "TU’s program will provide the industry with the best trained professionals in the country who know petroleum and what’s beyond it.”

The University is enrolling students for the fall 2007 semester and expects an initial enrollment of 60 to 80 students. The interdisciplinary program will utilize faculty expertise from the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and the College of Law.

Some upper level course requirements include petroleum engineering, resources and environmental economics, energy accounting, strategic management, issues in oil and gas law, and energy management.

For more information, contact Jacobs at (918) 631-3588 or ted-jacobs@utulsa.edu.